A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

Registration Now Open! March 19-30

Each day, Spring Adventure Camp will feature art projects, history and science games, snacks, lunches, and so much more!
K (4 years old) through 5th grade. Camp hours will run 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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March 19

Desert Oasis

Oh why oh why is the desert so dry?Come to our camp and learn all about the desert habitat. You will play games, learn about the critters that live there and have lots of fun!

March 20

Groovy and Far Out!

Join us for a flashback to the 60’s when things were cool and groovy. We will tie dye, learn fun music, make some crafts and learn all about the times when everyone said “Groovy”!

March 21


“Nacho” average day at camp!Come and learn the Macarena, how to make a maraca, speak some Spanish, break a piñata and much more fun!

March 22

Fairies and Gnomes

A land of adventure awaits us as our activities lead us to an enchanted garden where fairies and gnomes live.

March 23

SciTech Explorers

We will learn about coding, chain reactions, inventions that help us, and have a fun STEM challenge all on this fun “Techy” day

March 26

It’s a Bug’s Life

Cooties, bugs, ants and cockroaches:What do they have in common? Enjoy a buggy day of fun at camp!

March 27

Pixar in Hawaii

Let’s find Nemo, tell a Toy Story and have a Cars race – lots of fun on a flashback to all our favorite Pixar movies!

March 28

Wonderful world of Magic!

Learn how science and magic connect to give us a great time of fun!You will learn magic tricks to amaze your friends

March 29

Ancient Egypt

Hieroglyphics, mummies, pyramids, sun clocks and much more fun will be here today as we explore ancient Egypt

March 30


Make Easter crafts, have an egg hunt, and make some special Easter treats all on this fun day