The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in Hawaiʻi in the spring of 2020 forced St. Andrew’s Schools and other schools across the islands to move from face-to-face instruction to online distance learning. We were pleased with our ability to pivot to online learning for our K–12 students and thankful that our Queen Emma Preschool teachers were able to provide weekly learning packets for our youngest learners.




St. Andrew’s Schools has been a pioneer in online learning and is well-positioned to move from face-to-face instruction to online learning should that be needed again in the future. Plans are in place for a safe return to on-campus learning, along with a robust online learning program should it be necessary to switch as the school year progresses, which are detailed below in the Return to Campus Plan and K–12 Online Learning respectively.
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Maintaining the safety of our community is our top priority. Guidelines, safety measures and changes in health alerts are updated regularly on our Campus Health & Safety page. Below is some of the information that is found on the page.

Color Coded Health Alert Levels
This system provides general guidelines for the status of our campuses and learning environment.


Enhanced Safety Measures


As we navigate the current health crisis and its related financial impact, St. Andrew’s Schools is committed to three important goals: to provide safe, in-person instruction for all students; to keep all of our students (both new and returning) enrolled; and to retain our employees to the best of our ability.
Enhanced Health and Safety Measures
  • Face masks will be worn by all employees.
  • Employees who are screening people entering the campus will wear additional Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including face shields and gloves. Our preschool teachers will also be wearing smocks.
  • Touchless thermal scanners will be used for daily student temperature checks.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available in all classrooms and offices.
  • Indoor and outdoor hand washing stations will be available throughout campus.
  • Increased signage to remind everyone to practice physical distancing, wear their face masks, and practice good hygiene with frequent handwashing.
  • There will be amplified daily cleaning and sanitization throughout campus.

Students will be clustered in small discreet cohorts in order to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. In the event of small numbers of infections on campus, this will enable us to have the affected cohort learn from home for two weeks without requiring that the entire campus close and revert to distance learning. This planning for safety and durability will require St. Andrew’s Schools to invest financial resources in additional staffing for continual supervision and monitoring throughout the day.