A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

Mission & Vision

The great Hawaiian leader Queen Emma was a visionary thinker. A progressive and passionate advocate for justice, she worked tirelessly to address Hawai‘i’s most pressing social needs, including healthcare for the Hawaiian people and equal education for girls. St. Andrew’s Priory, the oldest all-girls school in Hawai‘i, is a lasting testament to her towering vision and efforts.

Our Mission

St. Andrew’s Schools actively engage and educate students in a culture of care, love, and service. Every child is known, challenged, understood, and empowered to strive for the highest.

Honoring our founder, Queen Emma, and grounded firmly in our Hawaiian heritage and spiritual values, St. Andrew’s fosters broad-minded awareness in every arena with a personalized curriculum that encourages children to discover their most expansive and courageous selves.

Our Vision
Our vision is to help children learn and grow — to be their personal best, engaged in the world and inspired to making it more humane and just.