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Building Community Brick by Brick

Building Community Brick by Brick

September 11 marked the beginning of a new tradition at The Prep. Chaplain Annalise Pasalo greeted boys in grades K-4 for their chapel service in the Montero Chapel. Once the boys were settled, Pasalo led an opening prayer and a song. She then read "House on a Rock" from Matthew 7:24-28.

Pasalo ­­­– reading from a children's book of Bible verses ­– told the boys the story of two houses built in separate locations. One was built on a strong foundation high on a rock and the other was built low in the sand on a less sturdy foundation. After a storm came, it was the house on the sand that washed away.

"I want us to build a foundation for our community as a school," Pasalo told the students. "It will be based on respect, love and kindness. These are important things to remember because they create a strong community and to have a community, we need people."

Let the Building Begin

The boys' interest was piqued further when Chaplain Pasalo announced they were attending a special chapel – Lego® Chapel. She explained that just like the story, the students would build a solid foundation in the form of a Lego tower.

Each student had a brick with their name written on it. When each class was called up to the alter, the students took turns adding their Lego bricks to the foundation ­– a 12"x12" mat representing the school and The Prep's values. "This is our foundation from which we build our community," Pasalo said.

"Every single person is a part of our community, so every single person has a piece in our Lego tower," she continued. "If you ever forget how we want to be in our community, you can look at our tower."

To continue the tradition, each year the incoming kindergarteners will add their own pieces to the growing community structure. Graduating classes will receive their pieces in the mail so that they can use them as the foundation for building their new community.

"I really wanted our boys to have a welcome chapel that was their own tradition," Pasalo said. "One of the things we want to focus on with The Prep is growing their unique traditions, so they can build their own identity." The Prep Principal Winston Sakurai was thrilled with this new tradition and hopes it will continue for years to come.

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