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A Lemonade Recipe with Sweet Results

A Lemonade Recipe with Sweet Results
The Prep's second graders received an entrepreneurial task this spring to enter the Lemonade Alley challenge. The boys put on their thinking caps to raise money for a charity of their choice - Dyslexic Center of the Pacific. Like any thoughtful business, they got to work creating a plan. They spent a month surveying students, faculty and staff to craft the best recipe for their lemonade.

After finding the perfect mixture for their lemonade, they hit the ground running. They assembled a stand, gathered materials and created flyers for the April 21 competition at Pearlridge Shopping Center.

The boys' hard work paid off when they raised more than $400 in four hours. The students received the "Simple but Perfect" award for their tasty drink. After the event, the students wanted to earn a bit more for Dyslexic Center of the Pacific. They saw an opportunity to sell more lemonade to parents and staff at the school's award ceremony on May 23.

Their vision paid off when the students raised $690 ­– bringing their total to $1,110. Parents marveled at the students pop up lemonade stand and stood in a long line to taste the final recipe.

Through the challenge, the boys learned the value of a well-crafted business plan, worked on a team and were able to experience the satisfaction that comes from helping others.

The Dyslexic Center of the Pacific is a Hawaii-based nonprofit that works to raise awareness about dyslexia. The center provides educational workshops, dyslexia screenings, informational support and multi-sensory tutoring to empower children and adults suffering from the condition. Proceeds from the SAS donation will help with workshops in reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, and mathematics at the center.

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