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A Wondrous Lunch

A Wondrous Lunch

St. Andrew's Schools teachers, staff and administrators were treated to an "Alice in Wonderland" themed luncheon by the school's parents, grandparents and 'ohana on May 7 in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Attendees were taken back to their childhoods and went down the magic rabbit hole once again and enjoyed a delicious lunch, fellowship and gifts of appreciation. Parent volunteers served the teachers and staff lunch.

Alumnae Lucy Ingraham's father, who owns Max and Lucy's Eatery, catered the food. The menu consisted of miso teriyaki baked salmon, BBQ boneless chicken, roasted potato with herbs, vegetarian lasagna and garden salad. The dessert spread was a delightful sight and included every type of sweet treat imaginable, from cookies and cakes to fruit and savory snack mixes.

Door prizes include tea cup centerpieces, luxury and special gifts and plant gardens. Attendees expressed gratitude for the celebration and every person left with a token of appreciation for the hard work they put in for the school's keiki.

A heartfelt mahalo to all our school staff, parent teacher fellowship and our school 'ohana for your contributions to our school community!

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