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Picnic Perfect Day

Picnic Perfect Day

August 31 was a marvelous day at the 2018 All-School Picnic for The Priory and The Prep students in grades K-12. This year's theme – Marvel Universe – resonated throughout the day and was reflected in game names, character names for teams, music and students' imaginative conversations.

Class photos kicked off the morning in Queen Emma Park as each grade came dressed in their team color. Each team's color represented a Marvel character, including Iron Man, Captain America and The Wasp.

Following an official welcome from Head of School Ruth Fletcher, our community of students, faculty, and staff posed for a whole-school photo in the gymnasium. Cheers of enthusiasm filled the gym as everyone showed their school spirit in a rainbow wave.

"The All-School Picnic is a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire student body together at the beginning of each school year to establish camaraderie and build relationships across grade levels," Fletcher said. "I'm proud of the leadership our High School Student Council Spirit Committee demonstrated in organizing this event. It was rewarding to see the friendships that were created because our older students were paired up with the younger students throughout the day."

Game galore

The morning was spent participating in all-school games in the gym. The students lined up in rows, alternating between younger and older students, and played team bonding games, such as the hula hoop game – renamed "Journey through the Bifrost." Once out of the gym, students participated in station games until lunchtime.

Station games were active and also themed, including "Race for Infinity Stones," "Starlord's Dance Party," "Wakanda Water Bottle" and "Suit Up." At lunchtime, students could be seen scattered across the school's grounds eating their lunch picnic-style.

Once bellies were content, it was time to cool off with an afternoon of waterplay. The students enjoyed sliding down the ginormous water slide set up in Queen Emma Park. The youngest students took respite in a splash pool complete with fountains and a miniature slide.

Two different movies – one for Lower School students and one for Upper School students – concluded the fun-filled and active day. The picnic marked the end of the first week of school, and students departed campus for the three-day Labor Day weekend with their first Aloha Friday memory of the 2018-19 school year to reflect on.

Photos from the All-School Picnic can be viewed here.