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Priory in Lana'i City

Priory in Lana'i City

By Marcie Uehara Herring, Priory in the City Career Coach

What if you could see the island of Lāna'i with an insider's perspective? Uncle Kurt Matsumoto, COO of Pūlama Lāna'i and Kamryn's dad, curated a behind-the-scenes-career trip for Priory in the City seniors.

As the sun set at Hulopo'e Beach, the girls met with Dr. Rachel Sprague, wildlife botanist, to learn about 'Ua'u kani, wedge-tailed shearwater. Our Priory scientists learned these indigenous birds build fragile nesting burrows in the ground near Pu'u Pehe, sweetheart rock, on Lāna'i. Unfortunately, the 'Ua'u kani are at risk from predators such as cats. Our Priory naturalists visited a sanctuary for cats and learned that saving kitties protect the island's endangered birds.

Uncle Kurt gave the girls a tour of the state-of-the-art hydroponic facility that is being built on the island of Lāna'i to grow fresh, nutrient-rich, produce for Hawai'i. This initiative will provide greenhouse-to-table dining on Lāna'i. At full scale, the hydroponic facility will produce enough crops for exportation to other parts of the state, and diversify the island's economy.

Our future Priory doctors met with Dr. Janikowski at Straub Clinic to learn how medicine is practiced on a neighbor island, and how he determines when a patient needs to be flown to O'ahu for further treatment.

A few of our Priory artists had a special meeting with Uncle Mike Carroll, painter and gallery owner. They discussed his former career as a medical illustrator in Chicago, and his move to Lāna'i to pursue his passion for art and nature's beauty.

Our Priory travelers had a special access tour of the Four Seasons Resort Lāna'i and restaurant Nobu. The Priory in Lāna'i City girls were also treated to Aunty Lyn Utsugi's culinary specialties.

This trip was a once in a lifetime experience, made even more special by the generous hospitality of the Utsugi and Matsumoto 'Ohana. It is extraordinary experiences like these that expand our mind and help us see what is possible. The Priory loves working with our families. How might you partner with Priory in the City to share your insider experience with our girls?