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The Priory Chamber Strings and Choir


Aloha Students, Families and Friends,

Congratulations to the students of St. Andrew’s Schools!
We are so proud of your accomplishments and your commitment to excellence. These awards represent how each of you have honored our school motto Kūlia i  Ka Nu’u (“Strive for the highest”) in all that you do. We celebrate your gifts and talents and your commitment to doing your best. You have worked hard and have shown great courage and compassion for others in facing this unprecedented global pandemic. We are inspired by your love of learning and your care for each other.
In striving for the highest, we must remember that we do not strive alone. Our successes are in large part because of the people in our lives who have helped us along the way. So as we honor our awardees, we also honor the teachers, classmates, friends and parents who helped you along the way. Please take a moment over the next few weeks to reflect on the ways in which people have supported you, encouraged you, and helped you learn, grow and thrive. The next time you shout out our motto, Kūlia i Ka Nuʻu, remember that we are better together and that together we can lift each other up and accomplish great things.

While these circumstances require us to celebrate you in a manner different than we had intended, please know that—throughout this time of flux—our pride in you remains constant. We are so proud of your accomplishments and the fine people you are becoming.

Ruth R. Fletcher, Ph.D.
Head of School


Congratulations, students!

A message from Kaʻipo Bailey-Walsh, Lower School Principal



Keiki Kūlia Award

The Citizenship: Keiki Kūlia Award is presented to one student in each grade who shows a positive attitude toward classmates, school and the community. This student displays an understanding and appreciation of responsibility and work ethic. Finally, and most significantly, this student possesses a strength of character and the courage to do what is right.


Ka ʻImi Naʻauao Award

The Passion for Learning: Ka ʻImi Naʻauao Award is given to one student in grades K-2 and in each of the four main subject areas in grades 3-6. Recipients have been described as having a habit of going above and beyond in the classroom, a hunger for gaining wisdom and knowledge, and an eagerness for sharing all they have learned. 


E Hoʻoulu Award

Having a Growth Mindset: E Hoʻoulu Award is given to one student from each specialty class. To grow, one must have perseverance – a combination of resilience and a growth mindset. During the school year, these students have demonstrated the following:
  • Shows a positive attitude, humility and full effort towards the given subject area
  • Through hard work, this student has greatly improved skills practiced during the year
  • Stays resilient and engaged with any challenges or failures they have faced


2021-22 The Prep Student Council