A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

Our Board of Trustees

2018-19 OFFICERS

Chair of the Board: Patty Foley
1st Vice-Chair: Dew-Anne Langcaon                                                      
2nd Vice-Chair: Judy Pietsch
President/Head of School: Ruth Fletcher
Secretary: Susan Kurisu
Assistant Secretary: Camille Michel
Treasurer: Bill Reeves
Assistant Treasurer: Mike Curtis


Co-Chairs: Judy Pietsch and Mark Polivka
Members: Darlena Chadwick, Deanna Chang, Nancy Conley, Andy Kluger, Susan Kurisu, Russell Lau, Nancy Pace, Tammy Rooke, Mary Sellers, Lyn Utsugi, Kerri Van Duyne
Leadership Team & Staff: Ruth Fletcher, Jennifer Burke (LT Liaison), Nicole Kuamoo

Building & Grounds
Co-Chairs: Bettina Mehnert and Russell Lau 
Members: Darlena Chadwick, Kevin Herring, Susan Kurisu, Ivan Lui-Kwan, Cameron Nekota, Judy Pietsch, Mark Polivka
Leadership Team & Staff: Ruth Fletcher, Mike Curtis (LT Liaison), Sophie Halliday

Executive Committee & Finance Committee
Co-Chairs: Patty Foley and Bill Reeves
Members: Dew-Anne Langcaon, Russell Lau, Ivan Lui-Kwan, Terri Okada, Judy Pietsch
Leadership Team & Staff: Ruth Fletcher, Mike Curtis (LT Liaison), Stephanie Jones

Trustee & Governance
Chair: Dew-Anne Langcaon
Members: Bishop Robert Fitzpatrick (ex-officio), Patty Foley, Betty Hirozawa, Russell Lau, Ivan Lui-Kwan, Judy Pietsch
Leadership Team & Staff: Ruth Fletcher (LT Liaison)

Ad-Hoc Preschool Committee 
Co-Chairs: Mark Polivka and Gary Okamoto
Leadership Team: Ruth Fletcher (LT Liaison), Susan Okoga

Ad-Hoc Kamehameha Schools Strategic Collaboration Committee
Chair: Bill Reeves
Members: Kevin Herring, Ivan Lui-Kwan, Gary Okamoto
Leadership Team: Ruth Fletcher, Mike Curtis (LT Liaison), Sophie Halliday, Stephanie Jones