The great Hawaiian leader Queen Emma was a visionary thinker. A progressive and passionate advocate for justice, she worked tirelessly to address Hawai‘i’s most pressing social needs, including healthcare for the Hawaiian people and equal education for girls. St. Andrew’s Priory, the oldest all-girls school in Hawai‘i, is a lasting testament to her towering vision and efforts.

At St. Andrew’s Schools, we look to her leadership for inspiration as we improve and extend academic opportunities to the widest possible range of O‘ahu’s youth. And, since 1867, The Priory has earned a reputation as one of Hawai‘i’s premier college preparatory programs for girls, graduating confident and articulate young women who go on to achieve greatness—in Hawaiʻi and around the world. Queen Emma Preschool prepares preschool boys and girls to love learning.

Now, with the establishment of The Prep for boys, St. Andrew’s Schools opens a new chapter on academic excellence for Hawai‘i and the nation. With this bold new initiative, we bring our years of leadership in individualized learning to bear on one of the most urgent challenges facing America today: the education of boys.

The only school of its kind in the state of Hawaii, The Prep offers boys in grades K to 5 the same commitment to individualized learning that distinguishes The Priory among independent schools in Hawai‘i. Combining the latest research in how boys learn with our own proven expertise in student-centered education, The Prep represents an entirely unique educational opportunity designed from its inception to help each boy discover his own special gifts and flourish as an active and engaged lifelong learner.