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Queen Emma Preschool

Co-ed, Ages 2-5 Years Old

Learning to play! Playing to learn!
Queen Emma Preschool is a preschooler's dream, with talented, loving teachers and ample indoor and outdoor spaces. In an environment of play-based learning, we nurture the development of the whole child through age-appropriate activities.

Our campus is located just minutes from downtown Honolulu at 3019 Pali Highway.




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“Play is an active form of learning that unites the mind, body, and spirit. Children learn best not by being told what to do but when their whole self is involved.” Susan Okoga, Director, Queen Emma Preschool 



We build a strong foundation for learning in all areas of child development through both work and play. Because cognitive skills are so closely intertwined with the physical, social, and emotional skills of a child, our whole-child, developmental approach helps each child find success and love to learn.  

At Queen Emma Preschool, academic learning is purposeful, playful, and exploratory. Children contribute their own ideas, use their own problem-solving strategies, and often pursue their own interests. Teachers weave in academic goals and objectives as they build on what children can do and challenge them to try new things.

Low Ratio

With a student-teacher ratio of 8:1, our faculty quickly gets to know each child, and can easily identify and meet our students’ individual needs.


Our faculty and staff are dedicated early child education professionals who are also a loving ‘ohana. More than half have been with the preschool for more than 10 years. Three have been at Queen Emma Preschool for more than 35 years. Our students benefit from a curriculum designed and taught by highly experienced educators who mentor our newer teachers.

Outdoor Play Space
In our beautiful, shaded outdoor play space, children can freely explore and learn in their natural environment.


35 Years of Early Education


Recognizing the preschool years as the most significant time of your child’s life, we focus our program on building a strong foundation for learning, rather than short term achievements such as by rote learning or memorization. Long term attitudes, values, and skills are formed through the child’s experiences. Therefore, our priority is the development of a positive self-concept and a joy of learning.
Through play-based learning, we guide our students in building on their knowledge about themselves, their family, and the world around them. We focus on developing trusting relationships between teachers, children, and families.
Each class incorporates social studies, language arts, mathematics, science, art, music, and motor skills. Classroom activities and themed school events are designed to support our students’ learning in fun and engaging ways.
Through daily activities and assessments we determine a child’s intellectual, physical, and social emotional growth and development. Families are also an integral part of the assessment process. Families are encouraged to share observations from home on an ongoing basis to provide teachers with a better understanding of a child’s development especially regarding behaviors not observed in the classroom setting.


There are 6 classes:
  • 2 Year Old
  • 3 Year Old (2 classes)
  • Young 4 Year Old
  • Older 4 Year Old
  • Young 5 Year Old


Each class covers subjects areas - social studies, language arts, mathematics, science, art, music, motor skills, supporting activities and events, and assessment and evaluation. Units of study - building skills throughout the year.



All About Me
  • My Feelings
  • Orientation
  • Health and Safety



My Family
  • Sharing/Caring
  • Respect/Diversity 



My Community
  • QEP Community
  • Community Helpers
  • Problem Solving
  • Transportation 



  • Hawaiiana
  • Cultures
  • Animals
  • Plants  




  • Friends
  • Transitions
  • New Beginnings