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Upper School

Grades 7-12, All-Girls

At The Priory, we are changing the paradigm of girls’ education for the better.
Deep learning through our Global Leadership curriculum – coupled with The Priory in the City Program and exceptional college counseling – positions our graduates for success because they have direct experience in leadership and community problem-solving.

Our students learn about themselves, understand their interests and passions, and then act upon them.  They feel safe in the iterative process of learning, understanding that perseverance is key and that mistakes are fundamental to learning. This allows them to tackle complex problems and address world issues with a can-do attitude and a growth mindset.

We continue to be the only high school where every student has a life coach, a career mentor, and a college counselor. 100% of our girls have an authentic work experience (internship) before graduation through Priory in the City.
The young women of The Priory are confidently ready to take on significant challenges. This is incredibly important as it will contribute to closing the gender gap in the workforce as our graduates have the courage and capability to apply for major leadership positions when they are out in the world.


An all-girls experience is our first step in personalization. 
According to the National Coalition of Girls Schools, research shows that:
  • Girls schools lead the way in graduating girls who are interested in pursuing a career in the STEM field.
  • Girls schools on average report greater self-confidence than co-ed peers in their ability to use technical science skills, understand science concepts, generate research questions, explain study results, and determine appropriate data collection.
  • Graduates from an all-girls school are 6x more likely to consider majoring in math, science and technology and 3x more likely to consider engineering careers.
  • A higher rate of girls reported that they were offered greater leadership opportunities than peers at a co-ed school.
  • Girls that attend an all-girls school, tend to rank higher on standardized tests.

Want a professional mentor to help you learn about careers?

Priory high school students work with industry professionals to learn inside information about what careers are really like and what skills employers are looking for in their fields.

Want a career and life coach?

Priory high school students have a career coach to help them connect their college, career, and life goals.

Want to do real work on real-world issues or projects?

Priory high school seniors have the opportunity to intern at a professional workplace and design a project that supports their internship interests and goals.

Nationally Recognized in Female Diversity

The College Board named St. Andrew’s Schools – The Priory among the forward-thinking schools earning the 2022 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award. The award recognizes female representation among high school test takers of the college-level AP Computer Science Principles. Learn more


Ascension Day

Ascension Day is a feast day in the Episcopal Church, celebrated 40 days after Easter to commemorate the ascension of Christ into heaven. The celebration is also Founder's Day at St. Andrew’s Schools; Queen Emma Kaleleonālani founded St. Andrew’s Priory School for Girls on Ascension Day in 1867.
Decorating the Coral Cross for Ascension Day has been a beloved tradition for the junior class for many decades. After a chapel service in the Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Coral Cross dedication ceremony is a special time that connects the junior and senior classes.













Mauna Ala

Each year in January we commemorate the birthday of Queen Emma with a chapel service in the Cathedral of St. Andrew followed by the presentation of hoʻokupu – an offering given as an expression of love, gratitude, and respect. Students from each grade level present gifts of flowers and lei to honor Queen Emma.
Upperclassmen participate in a special tribute to Queen Emma and the aliʻi by visting Mauna ‘Ala, the Royal Mausoleum in Nuʻuanu.  The students, faculty, staff, and special guests from the community attend a service to commemorate the life and legacy of Queen Emma and present hoʻokupu at the Kamehameha Tomb. The senior class also has the unique privilege of visiting the Kalākaua crypt.