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College and Career Readiness

Students at The Priory are equipped with the knowledge, skills, disposition, and mindset to be successful in college and in life.  

Our College Counseling and Priory in the City programs are intentionally interwoven to provide a highly personalized learning experience that supports students in developing their strengths, finding a “best fit” college, and designing a meaningful career pathway. The result? Students have a better understanding of who they are and how they can contribute to the world. 



100% of seniors engage in a real-world internship before graduation.



70% of the Class of 2021 is pursuing a college major in a STEM field. The national average is 23%.


Students from the Class of 2021 were awarded more than $2.4M in scholarships and merit aid.



Our Upper School courses prepare students for collegiate level work and helps each student further understand their interests and talents. The Priory college counseling program provides students and parents with up-to-date information on collegiate choices and helps to identify schools that would be an academic, financial, and social “best fit” for each of our students. We also provide information regarding admission requirements, the application process for admissions, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.    
Each junior is enrolled in our College Guidance Course during the fall semester. The course gives our girls the time and space to explore college options, college majors and career interests. It also helps our girls understand the importance of the major components of the college application which includes their transcript, extracurricular activities/resume, the college essay, and teacher and counselor recommendations. 

During the second semester of junior year each student and their parents/guardians are invited to an extensive exploratory college conference with their college counselor. This conference sets the stage for the student and their families to research and narrow down college choices prior to senior year. Early in senior year, a shorter follow-up conference is scheduled to expedite and clarify college planning and application procedures.During the school year, many admissions officers from local and mainland colleges and universities visit our campus to meet our girls. They share the latest updates about their school and develop a good working relationship with our girls and our counselors.    

“My education at The Priory prepared me well for my college journey. The Priory experience helped me transition to college and to adjust and adapt to a larger school. I am grateful for my courageous drive to further my education.

Class of 2020 Graduate


Priory in the City leverages St. Andrew's School's downtown location with personalized college and career coaching to align students' strengths and interests with the market landscape. The Priory is footsteps from the seat of government, businesses, nonprofit organizations, arts and cultural centers and healthcare systems. This signature program nurtures the next generation of women leaders through networking, mentoring and internships in the heart of the city. The program follows students throughout their high school career beginning in sophomore year. It's designed to help them explore their interests and gain valuable “real-work” experience before entering college. Through this program, students are given the time and guidance to develop their future goals with the help of a mentor and career coach in a safe, engaging environment. A one-of-a-kind program, Priory in the City gives students a chance to discover what potential fields and majors they are interested in, and what they truly want out of a career through projects, field trips, and an internship in their senior year.

Tardus Wealth Strategies Internship

Hannah Okuda '21

“By far my favorite class was Priory in the City my senior year. I learned so much as a high school student about the job market. The class guided me and helped narrow down what path I wanted to take and ultimately led to my success as an adult.

Abigail Sipes '18

The Queen's Medical Center Internship

Devyn '20 explored the medical field through her internship at The Queens Medical Center. She now attends the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Ashford+Wriston Internship

Catherine '20 explored the field of law while interning at Ashford+Wriston. She now attends the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Shidler College of Business.


Priory in the City: Then and Now
Kūlia Magazine

When life is fundamentally altered, what do we do? We adapt. Our intentionally small community is our strength and our families are our superpower. Before and during the global pandemic, Priory parents answered our call to provide professional networking and mentoring opportunities at their businesses through Priory in the City. This extraordinary year was no exception as we transitioned from in-person career trips to virtual visits.

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Priory in the City: Networking, Mentoring, and Internships in Honolulu
Kūlia Magazine

How did The Priory at St. Andrewʻs Schools, founded in 1867 by Queen Emma innovate to become the first school in Hawai‘i to offer three-year networking, mentoring, and internship experience for high school students? The design process started when a think tank envisioned career and life coaching for students and saw the potential of leveraging the school’s location to launch Priory in the City (PIC). 

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