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Global Leadership Center

For our children to become tomorrow’s leaders and peacebuilders, we need to provide them with an extraordinary education – one that helps develop the knowledge and wisdom needed to successfully navigate an ever-changing world.

Because of our partnership with the Stevens World Peace Foundation, St. Andrew’s has pioneered a transformative approach to teaching and learning – with a curriculum built on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – that has resulted in a unique and impactful program housed in the Global Leadership Center.

Global Leadership Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate significant issues that impact peace in our world. 
  • Recognize, articulate, and explain multiple perspectives. 
  • Cultivate awareness of how religious, cultural, geo-political and historical backgrounds shape viewpoints. 
  • Construct and articulate the student’s unique perspectives about the world.
  • Become a positive, powerful agent for peace – locally, regionally, and/or globally.
  • Cultivate awareness and empathetic, peace-building mindset.

Distinction in Global Leadership

This honor is conferred at Commencement for students who meet the following requirements, aligned with the Global Leadership Learning Outcomes:
  • 4 credits of courses including Global Girls and/or Model United Nations
  • Independent inquiry project
  • Presentation of projects presented in 2 Exhibition Fairs
  • Priory in the City internship
  • At least 2 years of community service
  • 4 consecutive years of the same world language


The Stephen E. and Isabella H. Stevens World Peace Foundation was created to help promote peace through education, awareness, and advocacy, beginning with Hawaiʻi’s youth. 

The Stevens Foundation identified The Priory as the perfect partner given our proactive, creative, supportive, and collaborative faculty, and the school’s willingness to invest the human and financial capital to provide next-level experiences to our students.

Indonesia. France. Cambodia. Switzerland. India. When our students travel, they do so with a purpose – to investigate the world and learn how to make life better for others with their expanded thinking.

We are grateful to the Stevens Foundation for making a difference in the lives of students who benefit from grant-funded travel, and in the lives of all who will be positively impacted as our graduates make their own marks on the world.




True success is when we see these young women and alumnae come back to the campus or various Stevens Foundation events to mentor and give back to the younger students. I can honestly say I’ve seen this first hand at the Priory and it’s quite motivating, to say the least. 

Theodore Rachlin, Stevens World Peace Foundation Trustee and President of Laulima Families