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Student Life

The life of a Priory girl is created by more than just academics. There are many clubs and organizations to join. Campus events, traditions, and other special activities throughout the year make life at The Priory spirited and exciting. 


More than 20 clubs and organizations are available for the Upper School girls – and it is easy to create your own club! 
Students are encouraged to join clubs and organizations to embody the vision of our founder, Queen Emma, and live by our school motto, Kūlia i ka Nu'u (“Strive for the Highest”). To support student participation, meeting times are built into the school day schedule. Special projects or activities may also take place after school or on the weekends. On average, each student actively participates in 3-5 clubs and/or organizations.
Our clubs and organizations fall into three main categories: service, global interest, and education. Many overlap because of the value The Priory places on being global learners and serving the greater community. What makes The Priory special are the diverse and inclusive clubs that have a global focus, and are service- and project-oriented. Through clubs and organizations, students meet other peers from different grades and create another family outside of their grade levels.