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The Arts

The Upper School provides an extensive program of music, dance, drama, and visual arts. The student develops her "aesthetic responsiveness" through in-depth involvement in the creative process. We firmly believe that students must engage with the arts and the creative process every day. Our program emphasizes a breadth of experiences for each student, combined with a depth of inquiry and practice in those areas that students need greater challenge as they hone their artistic talent and craft.


The Visual Arts department seeks to inspire students to gain a fresh perspective, provide an understanding of the role of art in contemporary culture, foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Our curriculum introduces students to develop both technical proficiency and a grasp of the creative process. Our faculty is composed of highly-skilled veteran teachers who have been or are currently practicing professional artists. Our students will gain an understanding of the world and themselves, and an ability to communicate their ideas in multiple ways.

Priory students have received top honors from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, winning Gold and Silver Key Awards, including an American Vision Award in the Hawai'i Region of the Scholastic Art.

Upper School Arts News



Music, its expressive and healing power, and the bonds that it can create, both locally and globally, may not solve the world’s problems, but it is an effective way towards understanding each other and working together for improvement. It begins with collaborative projects such as this, and in educational settings where teachers help students learn, think, and grow. I hope my students value the discipline and joy that comes from music-making, but also the importance of sustaining the arts throughout their lives and to future generations.









"From a Distance"

When both teachers and students were working and learning from home at the beginning of the fall semester, not knowing when we would be able to meet in-person again, Orchestra Director, Chad Uyehara began thinking of an appropriate piece the orchestra could present in a socially-distanced format. The hopeful lyrics and moving melody of the song “From a Distance” came to mind. Since the music is an actual song that includes words, he thought this would be a great opportunity for the orchestra to collaborate with the choir.
Mahalo Duane Padilla and ABC Stores for also supporting this project.