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The Arts

The Upper School provides an extensive program of music, dance, drama, and visual arts. The student develops her "aesthetic responsiveness" through in-depth involvement in the creative process. We firmly believe that students must engage with the arts and the creative process every day. Our program emphasizes a breadth of experiences for each student, combined with a depth of inquiry and practice in those areas that students need greater challenge as they hone their artistic talent and craft.


The Visual Arts department seeks to inspire students to gain a fresh perspective, provide an understanding of the role of art in contemporary culture, foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Our curriculum introduces students to develop both technical proficiency and a grasp of the creative process. Our faculty is composed of highly-skilled veteran teachers who have been or are currently practicing professional artists. Our students will gain an understanding of the world and themselves, and an ability to communicate their ideas in multiple ways.



Music, its expressive and healing power, and the bonds that it can create, both locally and globally, may not solve the world’s problems, but it is an effective way towards understanding each other and working together for improvement. It begins with collaborative projects such as this, and in educational settings where teachers help students learn, think, and grow. I hope my students value the discipline and joy that comes from music-making, but also the importance of sustaining the arts throughout their lives and to future generations.



The St. Andrew’s Schools Theatre Program strives to give girls in grades 7-12 an appreciation and understanding of the Theatre Arts through the creation and staging of stories for theatre.

Students work collaboratively onstage and backstage and find promise and satisfaction as they explore universal tales with characters who have adventures, face adversity, learn lessons, and are transformed through newfound knowledge. The plays give life to literature, history, and culture; bridging individual and global differences, building empathy, and reflecting human truths.

The Theatre program helps students build Social Emotional Learning competencies (
  • Self-Awareness (identifying emotions, accurate self perception, recognizing strengths)
  • Self-Management (self discipline, organizational skills) 
  • Social Awareness (perspective taking, empathy, respect for others)
  • Relationship Skills (communicating, social engagement, teamwork)
  • Responsible Decision-Making (identifying problems, analyzing situations, solving problems, evaluating, reflecting, ethical responsibility)

In-school and after-school theatre activities include playwriting, acting, play readings, and improvisational games. All students are invited to join the Theatre Club. Honor students are also invited to join the International Thespian Society, an honor society for theatre students, offering lifetime benefits. (

Students staged Suzan Zeder’s Wiley and the Hairy Man in 2022 and Russ Kaplan & Sara Wordsworth’s Dear Albert Einstein in 2023. Students in grades 9-12 can earn .5 credit for production participation. Accumulated credits count toward the 2 credits needed in Performing Arts for graduation.

In 2023, our student, Elena Hollenbeak, won the English-Speaking Union's (ESU) 40th Annual National Shakespeare Competition 2023. She competed on three levels – school, state, and twice at the national level. She was awarded a summer study abroad at the British American Drama Academy. Her ESU experience was a pivotal point in her growth and exemplified St. Andrew's Schools' mission: “To bring out the best in each student and empower them to Kulia i ka Nu'u - Strive for the Highest.