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Affording a St. Andrew's Education

St. Andrew’s Schools are committed to honoring Queen Emma’s vision of providing access to an excellent education for Hawaiʻi’s children. We value diversity among our students and pride ourselves in having a depth of students from different socio-economic backgrounds attending our schools.

Tuition assistance is available for The Prep and The Priory through our financial aid program. Financial Aid requests have no impact on the admissions decisions made by the Admissions Committee.

For more information about tuition or financial aid please click on the tabs below.


The Prep
2019-20 Tuition: $17,475

The Priory
2019-20 Tuition

  • Lower School (grades K to 5): $17,475
  • Middle School (grades 6 to 8): $18,200
  • High School (grades 9 to 12): $18,995

Comprehensive Fee
The comprehensive fee supports activities and excursions that enhance our classroom curriculum and student life experience. It also allows us to provide high-speed internet connectivity and infrastructure campus-wide.  Uniform costs and after school care are additional expenses. 

  • $500 for K-5
  • $600 for 6-12

Queen Emma Preschool
Tuition for Queen Emma Preschool 2019-20 school year is $11,940 ($995 monthly). Tuition includes a hot lunch and two nutritious snacks prepared on campus and supplies and materials used in the classroom. Tuition is paid by automatic deposit the 10th day of each month. No refunds or deductions will be given for holidays, school closures, illness or vacations.

Comprehensive Fee
The comprehensive fee  supports the many activities and field trips that are offered.

  • $300 for QEP

International Student Tuition: $24,000.00 Annual

*Tuition does not include textbooks (Grades 6-12 only), uniforms, laptop computer, or homestay.
A student qualifies as an international student if any one of the following criteria is met:

  • Needs an F-1 Student Visa
  • Needs ESL support
  • Needs home stay arrangements

Financial Aid

St. Andrew’s Schools uses the services of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid, SSS by NAIS. Within the limitations of our budget, and according to our financial aid policies, the recommendations from SSS by NAIS are used as guidelines in determining tuition awards. Tuition assistance is available for The Prep and The Priory. Read more about how to apply.

Every effort is made to bring this extraordinary educational opportunity into reach for local families. About 1/3 of our families receive financial aid.

The average income of families receiving financial aid at our school is $104,999.07.


Ke Ali'i Collaboration

St. Andrew’s Schools and Kamehameha Schools signed the Ke Ali'i Collaboration, which provides half a million dollars in tuition assistance for new and currently enrolled Native Hawaiian students at The Priory (girls K-12) and The Prep (boys K-8) who demonstrate some degree of financial need. This strategic and collaborative agreement will provide more children of Hawaiian ancestry with a high quality, college preparatory and Hawaiian culture-based education.

As two long-standing, highly reputable educational institutions on Oʻahu, with a common Aliʻi founding and the aligned goal of providing Hawaiian children access to an excellent education, we are honored to partner with Kamehameha Schools to advance the success of Native Hawaiian children!

In order to be considered, families must apply for admission to St. Andrew’s Schools AND financial aid through SSS by NAIS. To benefit from this collaboration, families must demonstrate financial need. If you have any questions please contact the St. Andrew’s Admissions office at (808) 536-6102 or admissions@standrewsschools.org.


St. Andrew’s Schools have many named scholarships, all of which are awarded based upon a family’s financial need.

Upon acceptance to St. Andrew’s Schools and after completion of the financial aid application, the Financial Aid Committee meets and distributes scholarship monies based on the specific criteria set forth in the scholarship. Scholarships are renewable annually as long as the student remains in good academic standing, continues to fulfill the scholarship criteria, and continues to qualify financially.

Here are a few of our scholarships:

  • Amelia G. Gaston Scholarship

Children of Episcopal priests who demonstrate financial need are eligible for this scholarship. Students in grades K-12 are eligible for this scholarship.

  • Fred Haruto Shintaku and Ruth K. Shintaku Scholarship

Students entering grades 9-12 with a minimum grade point average of 3.0, who participate in community service, and demonstrate financial need are eligible for this scholarship.

  • Phoebe Furtado Gedge and George Donald Gedge Endowed Scholarship Fund

Students entering grades 6-12, of Hawaiian ancestry, who participate in athletics, and have earned at least a 2.75 grade point average, and demonstrate financial need are eligible for this scholarship.

  • Mililani Group, Inc. Scholarship

Students who live in the Pearl City/Mililani (Ewa/Central Oahu) areas and demonstrate financial need are eligible for this scholarship. Students in grades K-12 are eligible for this scholarship.

Please contact financialaid@standrewsschools.org for more information.

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