Through this opportunity, our daughter has been experiencing the highest education that will empower her future as a young woman. Queen Emma’s vision is living through the outstanding faculty, staff, and administration at St. Andrew’s.

Parent of Priory 10th Grade Student

St. Andrew’s Schools are committed to honoring Queen Emma’s vision of providing access to an excellent education for Hawaiʻi’s children.   We value diversity among our students and pride ourselves in having a depth of students from different socio-economic backgrounds attending our schools.

St. Andrew’s Schools incurred a modest 1% increase in tuition for the 2016-2017 school year.  Tuition assistance is available for The Prep and The Priory through our financial aid program.  Financial Aid requests have no impact on the admissions decisions made by the Admissions Committee.

For more information about tuition or financial aid please click on the tabs below.


The Prep 
2016-2017 Comprehensive Tuition: $16,395

Tuition covers much of the comprehensive costs, including program essentials such as art supplies, excursions, and camping. Uniform costs and after school care are additional expenses.

The Priory
2016-2017 Comprehensive Tuition

  • Lower School (grades K to 5): $16,395
  • Middle School (grades 6 to 8): $16,970
  • High School (grades 9 to 12): $17,820

Tuition covers much of the comprehensive costs, including program essentials such as art supplies, excursions, and camping. Additional expenses include uniforms, after school care, textbooks (grades 6 to 12), and laptop computer (grades 5 to 12).

Queen Emma Preschool

Tuition for Queen Emma Preschool 2016­-2017 school year is $890 per month. Tuition includes nutritious snacks and lunches prepared at the school and supplies and materials used in the classroom. Tuition is paid by automatic deposit the 10th day of each month. No refunds or deductions will be given for holidays, school closures, illness or vacations. Excursion costs are not included and are collected by semester.




The St. Andrew’s Schools uses the services of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid, SSS by NAIS. Within the limitations of our budget, and according to our financial aid policies, the recommendations from SSS by NAIS are used as guidelines in determining tuition awards. Read more about how to apply.

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Every effort is made to bring this extraordinary educational opportunity into reach for local families. About 1/3 of our families receive financial aid.

Think you will not qualify? The average income of families receiving financial aid at our school is $104,999.07.

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