With Ringing Voice We Sing

With Ringing Voice We Sing...

Written by Phyllis Lum Shuck Gee '52

Our own St. Andrew's Priory. Twenty alumnae from our Class of 1952 renewed ties at our two-day 65th reunion in October. Some had not seen each other for five, ten, and even sixty-five years! We visited our dear Alma Mater, lunched at the new International Market Place, and partied at a luau at a private home. It was a reunion of camaraderie, remembrance, celebration, thanksgiving, excitement, and anticipation -- all rolled into one.

Thy love will bring us home. We returned where it all began – at St. Andrew's Priory, a place where we learned, studied, played, and prayed together. A few students attended the Priory for a full twelve years! With great appreciation, we were warmly and enthusiastically greeted and welcomed by Dr. Fletcher and members of the Office of Institutional Advancement. Their hospitality made our homecoming truly extra special.

Questions and past visions filled our guided walk: Is that Restarick Hall? Did we play tennis on these courts? Do you remember we used to dance there? Where are the classrooms where we were taught by Ms. Pischel, Otis, Ching, Schwartz? The iconic white cross stood where we remembered it --prominent, strong, and steadfast in the center of the courtyard -- a reminderof our foundation. We recalled, with reverence, Fr. Bray's homilies and Sisters Lucy, Evelyn, Marion, Oriole, and Rhoda who gave us spiritual, intellectual, and moral guidance. Our daily march to chapel, two by two, dressed in white middies, pleated black skirts, and square white veils atop our heads, was an integral a part of our school experience.

We give our hearts to thee. Rejuvenation was in the air as Dr. Fletcher shared the goals and challenges of St Andrew's Schools.The exciting surprise was the announcement that an anonymous donor from our class will match donations up to $6,500 to the fund we established at our 50th reunion -- The Class of 1952 Faculty Advancement Endowment Fund. This Endowment was our way to fulfill the words written by Bishop Kennedy in our yearbook: ...we hope you will keep in contact with the girls who come after you, and be concerned for the future growth and life of the School.

After a heartwarming visit, we left our Alma Mater with pride and headed to the new International Market Place to have lunch at Roy's and to stroll through the beautiful high-end outdoor shopping center built around the 100 years old banyan tree with curved paths, comfortable sitting places, and attractive spaces.

Our finale was a grand luau party with everyone contributing to its success:Adrienne Ching, Alice Kau Thursten, Amanda Wong DuPont, Betty Azama Morikawa, Consuelo Pante Bjorklund-McNeal, Edean Harada Iwanaga, Elaine Ako Spencer, Eliza Kaku Biven, Frances Young, Harriet Ahlo Spencer, Janet Nakamura Iwata, Kaleinani Poepoe Brown, Kamakaokalani Penny Scott, Leatrice Chun Williams, Marietta Lee Tom, Myrna Lo Ariola, Myrtle Hirokawa Kaneshiro, Phyllis Lum Shuck Gee, Roberta Kaiama De Grandis, and Sylvia Tenn. The Hawaiian meal was sumptuous -- super"ono" home-cooked lau lau, kalua pig, chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon, squid luau, poke and more. The buttery pies, haupia, and malasada desserts were yummy. Live music, laughter, and talk filled the air. Surprise hand-made mementos from several classmates were given. It was a great gathering where joy and generosity were abundant.

Throughout the events, children of our classmates were a wonderful part of our reunion. That they wanted to meet us and learn more about the Priory was heartwarming, indeed! We felt the absence of those who have gone before us and hold them in our hearts. We send our Aloha and best wishes to those who could not join us.

From East to West though we may roam. As we waved our good-byes to return home, it was clear we did not want to wait for our 70th reunion to see each other again. Thus, plans are already brewing and it may not be too long before we meet and renew our ties again!


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Class of 52' 65th Reunion

Front row: Phyllis Lum Shuck Gee, Marietta Lee Tom, Myrtle Hirokawa Kaneshiro

Back row: Elaine Ako Spencer, Betty Azama Morikawa, Roberta Kaiama De Grandis, Adrienne Ching, Janet Nakamura Iwata, Edean Harada Iwanaga

Class of 52' Luau

Class of 1952 enjoying their 65th Reunion weekend luau.

Class 52' with Dr. Fletcher

Elaine Ako Spencer, Edean Harada Iwanaga, Phyllis Lum Shuck Gee, Adrienne Ching, Dr. Ruth Fletcher, Marietta Lee Tom, Betty Azama Morikawa, Janet Nakamura Iwata, Roberta Kaiama De Grandis, , Myrtle Hirokawa Kaneshiro