The campus was abuzz with activity at the first annual Exhibition Fair on Thursday, April 13. More than 40 Independent Research students participated in the event, which highlighted the learning journey of various topics of personal interest in an academic discipline of each student’s choice.

“This was an opportunity for students to highlight the process of their project-based and problem-based learning,” remarked Jennifer Grems, Upper School Principal. “Students were able to discuss the genesis of their projects; the ‘why.’ The learning that came out of this research is passion-based and purpose driven,” she continued.

Head of School, Dr. Ruth Fletcher enjoys a student's creative Harajuku culture presentation. Full gallery below.
Head of School, Dr. Ruth Fletcher enjoys a student’s creative Harajuku culture presentation. Full gallery below.

Through trial and error and support from their faculty mentors, students were able to embrace the rigor, chaos, and ultimately, the satisfaction that comes with completing multi-step academic research.

On the success of the evening event, Sophie Halliday, Director of Educational Programs, shared, “We’re so proud our students have explored their interests and passions and produced projects that reflect their learning and growth. Exhibition Fair is our gift and mahalo to our community, and we are delighted to celebrate our students’ successes with them.”

From documentary films to engineering designs, the student project presentations covered a range of topics including, Harajuku culture in Japan, the Syrian refugee crisis, a vertical garden tower, and many others. The audience of parents, faculty, students, and mentors engaged with the presentations in various ways. Visitors tinkered in real-time with the Rube Goldberg Machine, and with the Pop Art exhibit, the presenter’s dress served as a major portion of the presentation, driving visitors to experience a more tactile and deeper level of engagement.

“This event captures exactly what our girls do – they work to achieve their personal best and are not afraid to challenge themselves,” remarked Head of School, Dr. Ruth Fletcher.

“At St. Andrew’s Schools, we provide students with personalized, compassionate, and community-oriented education the world needs. We intentionally work to enhance our student’s unique talents and provide a caring learning environment that stretches their imagination and refines their thinking.”