WrAP Tests will be administered to students grades 4-12 from April 10-April 24.

The WrAP tests allow us to assess:

  • how our students are doing in their writing compared to other independent school students;
  • our writing program to identify ways that we can continue to craft our curriculum to help our students become great writers

WrAP asks students to respond to a writing prompt in two timed writing sessions administered over consecutive days—closely replicating the natural writing process of drafting, revising, and completing a final version. Students will have time during their regularly scheduled English or Language Arts classes to complete this assessment.

Please help your daughter by ensuring that she is well-rested, relaxed, and ready to do her best.

Please contact Mrs. Belinda Chung (bchung@standrewsschools.org or 532-2420) for any questions or concerns.