A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

The Episcopal Tradition

St. Andrew’s Schools is rooted in the Episcopal tradition. The coral cross in the center of Robinson Courtyard serves as a symbol and reminder of the spiritual life of St. Andrew’s. While the school is Christian in its foundation, St. Andrew’s Schools strives to create an inclusive environment where children of all backgrounds and faith traditions are welcome and valued.

The Priory Lower School, Upper School and The Prep have separate weekly chapel service in Monteiro Chapel. This allows for developmentally appropriate activities, leadership opportunities, and the space to explore themes relevant to each student’s experience. The larger community gathers for all-school chapel approximately once a month to celebrate holidays and special occasions in the historic Cathedral of St. Andrew.

Chapel services are led by our school’s full-time chaplain, The Rev. Annalise Pasalo. On special occasions, we are joined by the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaiʻi and other local clergy.