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Ke Aliʻi Collaboration

Head of Schools Messages From Kamehameha Schools & St. Andrew’s Schools – ANNOUNCING OUR KE ALIʻI COLLABORATION

Aloha Priory Alumnae,

On March 5, 2018, St. Andrew's Schools and Kamehameha Schools publicly signed a strategic collaborative agreement to provide more children of Hawaiian ancestry with a high quality, college preparatory and Hawaiian culture-based education.

Through this Ke Ali'i Collaboration, Kamehameha will provide half a million dollars in tuition assistance and support services for new and currently enrolled native Hawaiian students at The Priory (girls K-12) and The Prep (boys K-5) who demonstrate financial need. These additional funds will allow us to provide tuition assistance up to 75% of a family's demonstrated financial need for currently enrolled and qualified new applicants of Hawaiian ancestry.

Our Ke Ali'i Collaboration unites the vision shared by two of our ali'i, Queen Emma and Princess Pauahi, who both understood that the future of Hawaiʻi would be decided by the quality of the education accessible to our keiki.

We have demonstrated to Kamehameha Schools that Hawaiian culture-based education is taught in a good and strong way at St. Andrew's, satisfying their curriculum requirements for a collaborative program like the one we're establishing today.

This strategic collaboration between Kamehameha Schools and St. Andrew's Schools further ensures that our students benefit from a strong culture-based education proven to help all children reach higher academic achievement while better understanding where they come from and who they are as individuals.

We are grateful to our colleagues at Kamehameha Schools for their commitment to the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture-based education. This place-based curriculum encourages dynamic growth of our students while instilling enduring values and preparing them for their future as critical and creative thinkers, confident learners, and impactful servants of greater good.

Mahalo for celebrating this good news with us, and to Jack Wong and the entire Kamehameha Schools team who made this happen!

With Aloha,

Ruth R. Fletcher

Head of School

Aloha e Ruth,

Mahalo nui to you and your Board, Staff, administrators, teachers and students for an absolutely wonderful and inspiring ceremony this afternoon. Of note, your keiki were fabulous and so in tune with our culture and community.

On behalf of Kamehameha Schools, I’d like to say that we are extremely proud and honored that you have allowed us to be your partner. We are looking forward to a long, successful relationship – though the relationship started more than a century ago by our founders, we are only fulfilling the full vision of that relationship today – due to a visionary leader like you.

I have to think there may only be a few days in our lives where we really feel like we might have changed the course of history – today felt like one of those days. I’ll always remember it, for sure. Mahalo for letting us be on this magical journey with you.

Me ‘oe kuʻu mahalo palena ‘ole!

Jack Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Kamehameha Schools