A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

Queen Emma Preschool

2019-20 School Year

September 26 Parent eNews

Queen Emma Preschool Update - September 26

We gathered wearing our Queen Emma Preschool t-shirts for Spirit Day to celebrate the beginning of the new school year and our new friends. It was raining all morning but just as our scheduled time to gather arrived, the sun came out and the sky was blue. To see photos of Spirit Day, click here.

We also celebrated International Dot Day on September 15 by reading the Dot Book by Peter H. Reynolds to the children. The Dot Book is about a caring teacher who reaches a very resistant Vashti to “make her mark.” Vashti’s breakthrough begins with a simple dot on a piece of paper. Encouraged by her teachers she sets off on a journey of self-discovery, letting her creativity bloom and ultimately, inspire others. All of the children and QEP faculty created their own dots and signed their names. We connected all the dots around the classrooms and throughout the school. 

Together, we celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration and encourage you to be brave and make your mark, too!

Susan Okoga
Director, Queen Emma Preschool

September 12 Parent eNews

Queen Emma Preschool Update - September 12

Last week was an exciting time as we welcomed 21 new families to our QEP family. The children and families were so excited to begin their new school experience.  There were a few teary eyes and some loud cries as the children separated from their families but after being comforted by their teachers, the children quickly settled into their new routines. As I walked around the school in the middle of the morning, there was not a single teary eye. The children were busy playing with puzzles, toys, play dough, painting and making new friends.

The ease of this transition validates the extreme patience and consistency of routines that the teachers follow. For young children, routines are so important as it provides a sense of stability, predictability and control of their environment. Children feel safe when they know what to expect. Children begin to build trust when adults are honest and follow through with what they say. When you separate from your child, tell them you will be back after lunch, after nap or in the afternoon when they are playing outside. Telling them you will be right back would not be honest.

Although children may seem to have adjusted to school oftentimes a few weeks later they may begin to cry and fuss about coming to school. Please be assured that this is a normal occurrence and that the novelty of school has now become routine.  Keep your morning routine consistent, tell your child it is ok to be sad but you know they will be fine. Your child will sense your confidence in his/her ability to adjust to school.

If you are seasoned parents and have experienced the transition to school, you are fully aware of how new parents must feel. Please reach out to them and lend a supportive glance or share words of encouragement that this will come to pass. I am sure they will appreciate your support and will soon look back with smiles that their child has made such a great adjustment to school.

Susan Okoga
Director, Queen Emma Preschool

August 29 Parent eNews

Queen Emma Preschool Update - August 29

Welcome to a brand new school year! We are excited as we have been welcoming many new families since June. Together with our returning families, we are ready to start our year. 

For many of you, this was your first experience entering a school system and you may have been anxious or concerned about your child’s transition to school. Rest assured that many of the children took only a few days to transition to the new school routine.

A consistent routine is the most important for young children to feel safe and to help build a bond with their new teachers and friends. You can help support your child by setting realistic routines and a routine you can be consistent in following.

Remember to say, “goodbye” and wave whether your child is crying or happily waving to you. This verbal message, whether your child responds or not, clearly states you are leaving. Please do not sneak out of the classroom as trust with you and the teacher cannot be built on fear. Supporting your child daily will build a strong connection to school and your child’s transition will be much quicker and easier for everyone.

Thank you to all of you who attended Parent Orientation last week. We had such a great turnout and were so glad you were able to meet the other parents in your child’s class. Each family received a folder filled with valuable information including a QEP Save the Date which is a calendar of events. Please include these dates in your personal calendar and post for future reference.

This Parent eNews will be shared every other week so please check back for notices, parenting tips, curriculum support and fun events. We are so happy you have chosen us to partner with you on your child’s educational journey. 

Welcome to our family!                                  

Susan Okoga
Director, Queen Emma Preschool