A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

Summer Adventure FAQs

What are the dates for Summer Adventure?

Summer Adventure runs from June 10-14 & July 22-August 16 registration is done by the week.

Do you offer language classes?

We do offer language classes in the afternoons for an additional fee. 

Can my two children be in the same group?

Children of different ages may be in the same group but we will assign them to the YOUNGER of the two groups.

Can my child take a nap?

Children age 4 - K’s will have a napping option available to them.

Do you offer an “Early Bird” discount?

  • Early Bird Registration begins: February 15
  • Last day for Early Bird discount: June 1

Can I just use my international cell phone number?

No, we need a local (Hawaiʻi) cell phone number to be used as emergency contact information. We recommend purchasing a prepaid cell phone upon arrival in Hawaiʻi.

When is the last day to enroll in Summer Programs?

Registration is on a first-come basis so the classes you want may not be available. Early bird discount ends on, Monday April 17.

What about lunch?

Lunch is included in all adventure camp programs.


Students must wear Summer Adventure shirts every day. There are several color options this year. Each student will receive one per week of registration, up to 5 shirts.Additional shirts will be available for $8.00 each.


Parents or guardians must apply sunscreen to their child prior to drop off at camp. After that initial application, our staff will use Target's Up&Up Sunscreen (rated #1 last year) to re-apply sunscreen to your child throughout the day. If you have another brand that you prefer, you must send it with your child clearly marked with their name.

Where do I park to drop off/pick up my child?

Visitor parking stalls are available in front of the gym

How will my child know where to go on their first day?

Aides wearing Staff shirts and other staff members will be around campus to answer questions and lead students to their classes. Teachers will also lead campus tours on the first day to help students get acclimated.

How early can I drop off my child?

7:00 a.m. is when supervision begins

Can I mail my payment in? If so, where?

Yes. You can mail your forms to the following address:

St. Andrew’s Schools
Attn: Summer Adventure
224 Queen Emma Square
Honolulu, HI 96813

My child is going into Kindergarten. Will they take a nap in the afternoon?

We will send home a questionnaire on the first day of school with Kindergarten students asking what they prefer – nap or no nap.

Where are the swimming lessons and who teaches them?

Swimming lessons are taught by a certified swimming instructor and are held at the YWCA of Honolulu, two blocks from the school. Your child will be escorted to the pool by our staff who will also act as assistants to the swimming instructor and lifeguard.