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Funding Priorities

We are committed to expanding the quality of our programs and facilities, as well as increasing our capacity to gift deserving students with financial aid in support of their educational goals. 

Queen Emma Annual Fund

Your gift to the Queen Emma Annual Fund is significant and important no matter the amount. Tuition only covers about 80% of the actual cost to educate a student. Gifts to the Annual Fund are essential in helping us to make up that difference. Your generosity allows us to provide an outstanding learning environment for Hawai‘i’s keiki so they can fulfill their potential and accomplish their dreams. 

Access to an Extraordinary Education

We provide qualified families with financial support to allow their children to strive for the highest and reach their dreams. More than 40% of our students are scholarship recipients or benefit from our financial aid program.
A gift of any amount can be made to the St. Andrew’s Schools General Scholarship Fund. 
Starting a named scholarship is your opportunity to make an impactful gift that directly benefits students and families – giving them a chance to experience a personalized, life-changing education.

To start a new, named scholarship for students, please see below gift minimums:

Named Annual Scholarship

Named Endowed Scholarship

$1,000 minimum

$25,000 minimum 

Annual donations & selection

Perpetually invested fund

Annual selection for available funds

Multi-Year Pledge Optional


Faculty Excellence Fund 

Teachers have a direct impact on student learning outcomes and are the cornerstone of every classroom experience. There is nothing more important in a child’s education than having an insightful, hopeful, caring teacher. Great teaching and personalized instruction engages students. We are committed to providing our teachers with innovative professional development opportunities to prepare our students with the 21st-century skills and competencies required for their future.
Gifts of any amount to the Faculty Excellence Fund supports teacher professional growth. We value lifelong learning, and professional development allows teachers to bring fresh educational perspectives and innovative ideas into the classroom.
Please support exceptional teaching at St. Andrew’s Schools through the Faculty Excellence Fund! 

Uplifting Our Learning Environments

Maintaining and modernizing our classrooms and facilities ensures that we create the conditions for transformational learning for all our students. We are deeply grateful gifts that help us more fully align our physical environment with the exceptional education our students experience at St. Andrew’s Schools.