An Icy Wonderland

An Icy Wonderland

Students at the Queen Emma Preschool (QEP) experienced a cool morning on January 10 when the school's Nu'uanu campus was showered with snow. The snow was blown out into an icy playground that measured approximately 20' x 8' for the students to enjoy. The annual event is in its 12th year and is a highly anticipated activity which is coordinated by The Preschool's PTA.

The entire school, along with many parents and even some news cameras, witnessed the magic of snow being created before their eyes. Hawaiian Ice brought more than 20 tons of ice, which was then ground into a fine powder. Students watched with eager anticipation as the staff blew the wintery flurry through a hose into the school's courtyard.

"While some states are paying to get rid of all their snow, it's truly a treat here in Hawaii," said Susan Okoga, QEP director.

Each class was able to spend a half an hour playing in it with their parents. For many of the students, it was the first time they had ever seen snow and the first time wearing winter clothing. Children could be heard shrieking with excitement and joy as they made snow angels, created snow balls, shoveled it into buckets and built snowmen.

At the end of the morning, the jacket- and mitten-clad youngsters were bursting with stories about their experience in the snow. "I want to play in the snow forever!" said Nora McDonnell, a three-year-old student.

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