Book and Building Buddies at The Prep
Book and Building Buddies at The Prep
Anela Akana

Since the beginning of the year, fifth-grade and kindergarten Prep students have been "book and building buddies" as a way to build relationships and learn from each other. The students keep the same partner for an entire month and meet weekly to read books and build Legos together.

The buddy groups kicked off the month of February with the "building" part of "book and building buddies" by becoming Lego Masters – having to figure out specific challenges that were given to them. This week, the challenge was to build an animal. Buddies had a set amount of time to work to complete the challenge. Each team then presented their structure, explaining what it was, why it was chosen and why certain pieces and/or colors were used.

The results were amazing! The buddy-duos built an animal and a tree, a tiger with an upward-facing paw, showing its claws and the snout of a crocodile using triangular pieces. Each team was judged on collaboration/cooperation, creativity, size and detail.

The "book" part of the partnership was reading the, My Healthy Heart, which is a book about the human heart. After reading the story, each student made a book. These will be shared with their 5th grade book buddies.

We are inspired by these children and grateful for our wonderful community of teachers who make this school such a unique place to learn.