First Graders Celebrate Culture Day
First Graders Celebrate Culture Day
Anela Akana

As a part of a unit on culture, Ms. Wengronowitz's first grade class has been learning about different ethnicities and their traditions. Last week, the girls spent the day exploring and playing at the Children's Discovery Center and especially enjoyed making connections with their culture unit in the Rainbow Cultural gallery.

The center, a regular visiting spot for our Preschool through grade 3 students, is an environment that encourages children to use their sense of touch, sight, hearing, and smell to gain a better understanding of the world around them.

The class closed out the week with Culture Day which was a celebration of all the special cultures represented in Wengronowitz's class. Each student created a booth at their desk to showcase one of their family's cultural backgrounds, several of her family's cultural backgrounds, or another culture that she was interested in. Many of the girls came to Culture Day dressed in cultural clothing and did a fantastic job presenting their poster boards and cultural artifacts and sharing traditional dishes with their classmates and visitors.

"This was intended to be a fun celebration of cultures," said Wengronowitz. "The girls learned how wonderful things that are different can be."