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Froot Loop Chapel Comes Full Circle
Froot Loop Chapel Comes Full Circle

The first chapel service of the new school year was held last Tuesday morning in The Cathedral of St. Andrew, continuing an annual tradition that began almost three decades ago known as, Froot Loop Chapel. Froot Loop Chapel serves as The Priory's kindergarten students' first chapel service and is a highly anticipated event for the school community.

The tradition starts at the steps in front of The Cathedral, where seniors, confident and eager to dig-in to their final year at The Priory, each take on the role of a big sister to a kindergartener, guiding them through their very first chapel service. As they enter the doors, each senior presents her kindergartener with a lei made of the cereal, Froot Loops™. The symbolism of the circular cereal pieces is the closing of a loop – bringing the entering class and the graduating class together to form a continuous circle

that embraces the entire school community. The various colors represent a rainbow, the symbol of God's covenant with us and a reminder of His unconditional love.

"Froot Loop Chapel is something special and unique to the school," says Misha Matsumoto Yee, senior class advisor. "This year, the seniors strung 28 Froot Loops on the lei to represent the 28 seniors in the Class of 2020."

Hand-in-hand, seniors walked their kindergarteners down the aisle of The Cathedral to the front pews and show them where to sit. Bishop "Bob" Fitzpatrick welcomed the entire congregation to the service, with a special acknowledgment of the youngest attendees. He shared a memory recalling a time when one of the current seniors was in kindergarten and called across the parking lot saying, "Hi, Bishop Bobby!" The name, 'Bishop Bobby' stuck and from that day forward, that is how he is affectionately known to the Class of 2020.

Daughters of The Priory or seniors that have been at The Priory since kindergarten, also tried to recall their memories of Froot Loop Chapel. Shay Nishimura, '20 shared that she wanted to remember who was senior that held her hand and escorted her to the pews. After some research, she found a photo in the yearbook which revealed that senior to be her current tennis coach, Cathlene 'Cat' Goya Ogimi, '08. "I showed the photo to Coach Cat and was like, that's you!" she laughed.

While most of the Daughters don't recall specifics, one thing they all remembered was getting to eat their lei. The kindergarteners last week created this same memory that they will hopefully recall when it is their turn to become a big sister as they were told they could eat their Froot Loops! The girls were all smiles as they munched on their tasty lei.

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