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Tea by the Sea in The Priory
Tea by the Sea in The Priory

On April 18, the kindergarteners in Mrs. Judy Koseki's class had their annual tea party. This year's party was mermaid-themed and took the students to a magical place by the sea all while getting a lesson on manners. Students came dressed in fancy spring attire and sipped fruit tea and juice while snacking on tea sandwiches, pizza slices and fruit salad that had been brought in by parent volunteers.

"We start our tea with a book and short video on manners," Mrs. Koseki said. "Then we let the girls practice their manners while having a real tea party."

The idea was started by Mrs. Koseki about eight years ago as a way to celebrate spring during the Lent season without being too gluttonous. "With Lent, everything

should be scaled back, so the tea helps us celebrate spring and Easter before Easter Sunday in a bit more modest way."

The girls, asking politely, shared lunch and desserts, passing "please" and "thank you" around like tea cakes. They sipped juice from china teacups that Mrs. Koseki has collected over the years and uses annually for the tea parties.

The theme was selected by the class of 2031. Mermaids, ocean-inspired décor and purple, blue and turquoise party decor adorned the classroom. Balloon bouquets sat on each table and the classrooms desks were draped with fancy fabrics. Even the cake, which was donated by a parent volunteer, was in theme. Written on the top was, "Mermaid wishes and starfish kisses!"

"The tea party was adorable!" said Priory kindergarten mom Mary Crowley. "The girls were practicing their manners and enjoyed using fancy china and getting all dressed up. Watching them socialize like little ladies was so fun for the parent volunteers. This was a highlight of our year for sure – and a Priory kindergartener's dream!"

After the meal was finished, the girls took turns taking photos in the mermaid photo booth and then making mermaid tail hairclips with sequins. The girls had a blast and toward the end of the party, one student shouted out, "This is my favorite day of the whole year!" to which many replied with a hearty, "Me too!"

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