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Awards & Recognition - The Priory Upper School

The Head of School Award

The Head of School Award was instituted in 1970 by the first Head of School at The Priory to recognize the outstanding graduate of her class.  Her name is engraved on the large perpetual bowl along with the names of all the other outstanding graduates for the last 52 years. Given to the outstanding senior in the areas of academic achievement, leadership, extra-curricular activities and service to the school who also demonstrates courtesy, cooperation and concern for others.
Kayin Bohnet '22 


The Bishop's Award

This award is a symbol of the close relationship between the Bishop, the Church and, St. Andrew’s Schools. It is given to the student who best exemplifies her religious faith, witness, and values in her life and relationships. 
Lesley Bray-Toguchi '22 


Outstanding Scholar Award

is given to the senior who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship. She has a passion for learning, an enormous capacity for hard work, curiosity, a positive attitude and an innovative, independent spirit. These have placed her in the upper echelons of her class in academic achievement.
Jemma Stollberg '22 








Father Fred Minuth Memorial Scholar/Athlete Award

This award recognizes a senior who blends talents in both the academic and athletic realms with good sportsmanship and leadership.

Ka Mea Hoʻohiki (Person of Promise) Art Award

This award goes to the outstanding member of the senior class who plans to study art in college and displayed outstanding creative skills, craftsmanship and, passion for the visual arts.

Smith College Book Award

The Smith College Book Award is given to a senior who demonstrates alignment to Smith College's mission of educating women of promise for lives of distinction and purpose.

The National Association of Secondary School Principals American Citizenship Award

The National Association of Secondary School Principals American Citizenship Award is presented to two students in each class whose strength of character and courage to do what is right and promote positive citizenship in others. These students are chosen for their school and community service, for their positive attitudes toward learning and towards their classmates, and for their efforts in civic responsibility. Citizenship awards are given to outstanding citizens in each grade.

Hawaiʻi State History Day Senior Essay

Hawaii State History Day is a part of the National History Day Competition. The top candidates from the District Competition compete at the State History Day Competition to determine national qualifiers and other community awards.

National Scholastic Art Award

Kūlia Awards for Excellence

Each department or subject area elects its outstanding students. These students come closest to achieving the educational goals of their respective departments.

St. Andrew’s Schools - Athlete of the Year

This athlete must be a senior or junior who lettered in two varsity sports and maintains the qualifications of Most Valuable Player in every sport she plays. She demonstrates outstanding athletic skills, sportsmanship, leadership and, cooperation with her teammates and coaches. 

St. Andrew’s Schools - Scholar Athlete Award

This student-athlete must be a senior or a junior who has lettered in 2 Varsity sports and maintains the qualifications of Inspirational Athlete in every sport she plays. She must show outstanding sportsmanship, leadership and cooperation with her teammates and coaches and she must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above.

St. Andrew’s Schools - Most Inspirational Athlete 

This athlete must have participated in at least two varsity sports and made significant contributions to the Priory Athletics program through her dedication, responsibility and leadership on and off the playing field. The athlete must be a positive role model, energetic and encouraging of her teammates.

Jubinsky Scholar Athlete Endowed Scholarship

St. Andrew’s Schools former trustee, the late John Jubinsky, and his wife Tess Jubinsky, donated funds to establish The Jubinsky Scholar Athlete Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship honors three Priory students who have excelled academically with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, and athletically, in one or more sports.

Lucille Tamura Caldwell Memorial Scholarship

This award is given to a student who demonstrates service to the school and community, cares for others, and exhibits a strong faith, work ethic, and perseverance. 
Sophia Ching '25

Dawn Tamaribuchi Memorial Scholarship

Tamaribuchi scholars are young women who exemplify the qualities and characteristics that were held by Dawn Tamaribuchi, including caring for others, giving back to the community and bringing people together.

The Bausch + Lomb Science Award

This award is sponsored by the University of Rochester is given to an outstanding junior in science. Winners of this award are automatically considered for the Bausch + Lomb Science Scholarship at the University of Rochester.