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Message from Head of School: Spring 2022 Updates
Dear St. Andrew’s Schools ʻOhana,
Welcome to 2022! I hope that the holidays have been a time for you to relax, reflect, and refresh – and also to reconnect in fun ways with your loved ones.
We look forward to welcoming all of our students back to campus on Monday, January 10. St. Andrew’s Schools is committed to providing in-person learning, which we know is best for the academic progress and overall development of each of our students. We are not offering remote learning as an option at this time.
The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is certainly top of mind for our Leadership Team. This semester, we will continue our normal campus protocols including staying home when sick, wearing masks, washing hands, physical distancing, keeping students in cohorts, and following CDC guidelines for the safe operation of schools. We are closely monitoring any changes to governmental guidelines and will continue to update the Health Response Plan to reflect the most current COVID protocols to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. Please review the plan regularly to stay updated on our policies and procedures.
Thank you for partnering with us to keep both school and home environments as safe as possible for our students. In light of the Omicron variant, we ask for your increased vigilance, especially in these areas:
  • Stay home if showing symptoms – Students or employees who show any symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection should not come to school. Please consult your doctor and arrange for a COVID test. Follow isolation or quarantine procedures as necessary. We will use the 5-day isolation and quarantine periods in accordance with the current CDC/Department of Health guidance for preschools and K-12 schools.
  • Masks – Everyone on campus must wear a mask that fits correctly, covering the nose and mouth. We will continue to help younger children learn how to properly wear a mask.
  • We highly recommend the use of medical-grade masks – at the minimum, three-ply surgical (“disposable”) masks. If possible, invest in KN95 or N95 masks. Please note that cloth masks alone are not effective against the Omicron variant; double-masking (such as layering a cloth mask with a disposable mask) is recommended instead.
  • Testing – If you have concerns about your child’s possible exposure to or infection with COVID-19 at any time, we strongly urge you to arrange with your healthcare provider to have your child tested.
Based on guidance from the CDC updated on January 6, 2022, we will be implementing a plan to offer regular screening testing to students and employees to help limit on-campus transmission of the virus. The Priory and Prep Principals (Nichole Field and Kaʻipo Bailey-Walsh), the Director of Queen Emma Preschool (Susan Okoga), and our Athletic Director (Missy Kilbey) will support our students and families through this process.

Our school nurse, Colleen Treacy, will be sharing more information next week including details about the timeline, testing logistics, parent/guardian consent forms, etc. Mahalo nui loa to The Queen’s Healthcare Systems and Diagnostic Laboratory Services for collaborating with us to make this testing possible.
Despite the uncertainty and challenges of COVID-19 and its variants, I am optimistic that we can begin to see the end of this pandemic when we are united in our purpose to keep each other safe. Together, our responsible actions are making a difference in combating this virus.
The St. Andrew’s Schools ʻohana is an extraordinary community that deeply values the wellbeing of all our families. I am personally very grateful for your partnership and support. Thank you for trusting us not only to educate but also to care for your child in mind, body, and spirit to the very best of our ability.
Mahalo nui loa,


Ruth R. Fletcher, Ph.D.
President and Head of School
St. Andrew’s Schools