Celebrating #WorldTeachersDay
Elizabeth McDonnell

This week, St. Andrew's Schools celebrated #WorldTeachersDay both on social media and on campus. Also known as International Teacher’s Day, this holiday is celebrated around the world on October 5th each year. Established in 1994, the day commemorates the signing of the 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers. 

In 2020, World Teacher’s Day aimed to celebrate teachers under the theme, “Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future.” The day provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide, take stock of achievements, and draw attention to the voices of teachers who are at the heart of efforts to attain the global education target of leaving no one behind.  

"As educators, everything we do has changed in how we teach in the classroom and remotely. I am very proud of how our Lower School teachers have remained flexible and patient in a time of fluidity while dedicating themselves to investing their time and resources to provide a personalized curriculum, genuine care for each student, and support for one another," said Ms. Ka'ipolani Bailey-Walsh, Lower School Principal of the Priory and The Prep.

Teachers at St. Andrew's Schools and all over the world go above and beyond to support their students, encourage their communities, and improve the lives of those they teach. And if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, they need to stay incredibly nimble during the global pandemic, many moving from in-person classrooms to virtual ones, and back again.  

Upper School Principal Nichole Field wrote this week, “Our teachers have been extraordinary over the past several months as they have faced the global pandemic with a fierce grace and have turned on a dime to deliver online and hybrid learning experiences for students. They are patient and nimble in their craft and have helped students to stretch themselves.” 

On social media this year, families were asked to share some love for their teachers on #worldteachersday which resulted in comments and notes of appreciation for St. Andrew's faculty on Facebook and Instagram. One Upper School student wrote, “…huge mahalo to all the teachers, especially mine, for continuing to do their best with all the changes that are happening! And also for graciously learning all the new technology to continue our distance learning! Many cheers to the amazing teachers at The Priory.”

Field concluded in her note to teachers, “Whether online or in-person, our teachers strive to pull the very best from their students and to help them grow! We love our teachers and want to honor them on World Teacher’s Day!”