Empowerment though Education: International Day of the Girl
Elizabeth McDonnell

Each year, The Priory Upper School recognizes the International Day of The Girl, a special holiday dedicated to young women all over the world. This year, our Upper School students participated in a “Day of The Girl” virtual assembly run by our Global Girls student team.

Global Girls students are encouraged to conduct research on global issues and become experts on how they affect Hawaiʻi and the world. At the virtual assembly, these students presented on the importance and impact of education in a girl’s life, aligning with the mission and vision of the International Day Of The Girl. 

Since the holiday’s inception on October 11, 2012, the International Day of The Girl has been recognized around the world by drawing attention to girls’ rights and to the unique challenges girls face all over the world.  According to the United Nations, “International Day of The Girl is meant to promote the empowerment of young girls everywhere, while also advocating for the attainment of their basic human rights, like education and bodily autonomy.”

The SAS upper school assembly began with an educational awareness slide presentation led by our 2020 Global Girls students.

“We would like for you to know about the day of the Girl Child so that we recognize the important work that is being done to help all girls grow up to be strong, confident, independent and empowered women,” said Amelia Levy, Priory Global Girls student in grade ten.  “At the Priory, we have always recognized the significance of supporting girls to reach their highest potential.”

During the assembly, student leaders gave statistics on how education is helping more and more girls receive the freedom they deserve. 

After the assembly presentation, the students then watched the documentary “Brave Girl Rising.” The film tells the amazing story of how a courageous girl named Nasro, inspired by the magical dreams of her mother and the sisterhood of her friends, succeeds in getting the education she deserves, despite her circumstances. Filmed in one of the largest refugee camps in the world, the touching story brought awareness and understanding to our participating students. 

Alden Watts, Associate at The Priory’s Global Leadership Center, noted after the presentation, “Our assemblies for the Upper School are still virtual and we are building a community there around the main themes of our school. Celebrating the potential of girls is at the center of our community, as is thinking with a global perspective. These international holidays, like Day of The Girl, remind us of this.”