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Global Girls-Global Action Project Series: "Influence & Contributions of Hula and Hawaiian Culture to the World"
Murielle Sipola
When taking the course “Global Girls-Global Action,” students are invited to develop expertise on a global issue of their choice. Sometimes students come to this class with a topic that intrigues them or that they are already passionate about.
If this is not the case, our go-to resource is the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. This course and the SDGs share the same goal of developing a deep and open-minded understanding of ongoing global challenges, as well as promoting action for positive changes.   
In this yearlong course, students produce a research project that can fulfill their Independent Inquiry requirement for graduation, especially if they are seeking to graduate with our Global Leadership Distinction. This is often their first encounter with in-depth academic research. However, a critical part of this course is also its “action” component: students are tasked to find creative ways to make positive changes regarding their chosen issue.
With Covid-19, many of the action projects favored by our students in past years – such as creating a community event, reaching out to the community for interviews, connecting with other schools, volunteering for local organizations, etc. – have not been possible to implement. Our students have refocused on raising awareness through social media. We invite you to take a look at their work in the coming weeks.
Our first segment is a slideshow presented by senior Kara Ho. Kara is a dedicated hula dancer who will also be our May Day Queen this year. Kara’s topic is the “Gift of Hula to the World.” Hula’s legacy has spread all over the world and for good reasons. For many who are practicing hula while geographically and historically remote from its Hawaiian roots, this is honoring a vibrant indigenous culture, cultivating a unique way of communicating and expressing oneself, and transmitting values of connectedness to nature, to each other, and to the world. Enjoy Kara’s presentation!
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