Maintenance Crew Giving Campus Lots of TLC
Anela Akana

While faculty and staff have been working from home, our maintenance staff has been busy on campus preserving its beauty and tending to things that needed upgrades. Amongst other things, they repainted the Upper School office, re-striped the parking lines around Queen Emma Square, and repaved and re-striped the blacktop/playground area in front of Sellon Hall.

Another improvement the Maintenance Crew completed was the tetherballs on the blacktop. The "Tetherball Project" was thought up by Girl Scout Troop 115, who wanted to give back to the school something from the sale of their Girl Scout Cookie sales this year. One of the 3 tetherball poles needed repairs, the yellow circles around the poles needed to be freshened up with paint, and new balls were needed so they reached out to our Maintenance Crew to help. Girl Scout Troop 115 paid for the paint, new pole, and new balls. Mahalo to Troop 115.

Thank you so very much, Maintenance Crew, for your hard work and for taking care of our beloved campus!