Priory in the City Mentoring: An Entrepreneurial Perspective
Class of 2022
“Write down these three things,” Melanie Wong said to the juniors via Zoom, “One: Get rid of all bad influence friends; later they could be coworkers or your life partner. Two: Never stop learning. Read, attend seminars, learn from your peers. Three: Write down your vision, roles, and goals in life.”
Cherisse’s ’22 Aunt Melanie is an entrepreneur who started her company when she was 22 years old and sold her business about three years ago to a Fortune 500 company.
“I am thinking of studying business and entrepreneurship,” said Kira ’22, “so hearing from Ms. Wong gave me a better idea of how I can accomplish my goal.”
“When Ms. Wong said, ‘Get rid of bad influences,’ I thought that was important and accurate,” said Alohilani ’22, “because my mom tells my siblings and me to not hang around with bad influences.”
Julie, an international exchange student from Germany, said, “I appreciated learning about having a vision, creating a life plan, and writing goals to guide your life.”
Several juniors liked the idea of having an accountability partner to support each other in achieving goals.
“I particularly liked Ms. Wong’s advice about writing down all my goals for my different roles in life,” said Natalie K. ’22. “That is something I have never heard of before because most people have just told me to write my goals without considering my roles.”
Nicole ’22 said, “It was insightful to learn about different factors that relate to success and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I learned what is needed for a stable business, which includes having a good lawyer and banker. And having a good doctor so you can be healthy and take care of your business and employees.”
“Know your math and know your numbers,” said Ms. Wong, “because you need to know the financial health of your company.”
Juniors appreciated Ms. Wong’s wisdom and especially liked her experience of reflecting at the end of the day in a high-powered journal. Olivia ’22 said, “I will start a journal to write my successes for the day, what I can improve on, and what I’m thankful for.”
Luphia, an exchange student from Japan, shared her gratitude for Ms. Wong’s “helpful and useful information.”