Priory in the City Networking: Sister to Sister
Priory Class of 2022

The Kutty sisters are brilliant stars: one in theatre and the other in science and engineering.

St. Andrew's Schools thespian troupe president Meenakshi Kutty ’22 was recently awarded the Featured Female in a Non-Traditional Play Po'okela Award for her role in Oriental Faddah and Son at Paliku Theatre. She was honored by the Hawaiʻi State Theatre Council.

Sister Sreelakshmi Kutty ’16 has a minor planet in the asteroid belt between Earth and Jupiter named after her because it was the scientific prize she earned from her high school science fair project at The Priory.

Sree is studying engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and visited the Priory in the City class via Zoom. “I am so thankful,” Sree said, “that I took AP Calculus at The Priory.”

“That does actually give me hope,” said Jemma ’22, “as AP calc is being very difficult for me at the moment.”

Lesley ’22, an aspiring engineer, said, “I will definitely take Sree’s advice and take AP Calculus, focus on math and science, and do an internship in college. I really appreciate Sree’s honesty and how she did not sugarcoat the difficulties of studying engineering.”

Students appreciated Sree’s struggles as a woman in STEM and also how she overcame them. “As an aspiring woman engineer,” said Kayin ’22, “I often see demographics of schools’ engineering programs being male dominant, but Sree’s advice about doing what you need to do and not being intimidated was very helpful.”

“It is truly inspiring,” said Kira ’22, “to see a woman in a male-dominated field not be afraid to strut her brain.”

Sree gave tips on college fairs and internships that were applicable, even if students are not considering engineering. “In the near future,” said Sara ‘22, “I will definitely be looking at internships I can take that will help me to prepare for my future career.”

Natalie ’22 said, “Our grade is looking into college and there are a lot of things to consider. Sree’s advice about the career fair was a good tip! I didn’t realize that colleges put these on.”

“I learned that career fairs,” said Mikayla ’22, “are a good way to network and find career opportunities.”

The juniors thanked Meena for inviting her sister Sree to class. The Kutty sisters have a special sisterly bond and continue to shine bright. The class affectionately teased Meena that wherever she goes, her big sister and minor planet Sreelakshmi Kutty would always watch over her.