Priory in the City, Priory in the World: Saga Prefecture, Japan
Class of 2022
What if we could travel safely to Japan? When our class was interested in learning about broadcasting, we “visited” our neighbor in the East.
“My dad is a broadcaster,” said Luphia, an exchange student from Japan, “and he works in Saga Prefecture. I can ask him to make a video for us.”
Luphia’s dad, Mr. Landry, shared his radio experience with us. “I’ve gotta admit,” said Jemma ’22, “Mr. Landry made radio look a lot cooler than I expected.”
Olivia ’22 found it “really impressive how Mr. Landry would switch from Japanese to English so smoothly,” and Natalie T. ’22, was intrigued “that a show could be in two different languages.”
Several of our classmates are learning Japanese. Lesley ’22 is practicing Japanese, to speak with her family. Claire ’22 is planning to move to Japan and aspires to improve her language abilities. “It was wonderful,” she noted, “to hear Mr. Landry tell us that language learning—both Japanese and English—is a lifelong process. I’ll work each day to make progress on my goal of being more fluent in Japanese so I can connect with people in Japan.”
Expanding our understanding of other languages is also key to becoming global citizens. “I find it really important to learn about other cultures,” said Kayin ’22, “and be respectful of their traditions and language.”
Thanks to our Stevens Global Leadership Center and our work with Asia Society on global competence, Priory students learn to investigate the world, recognize multiple perspectives, and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds in thoughtful reflection.
Cultural experiences can also invite opportunities for personal growth. “As an artist,” said Meena ’22, “I often want to incorporate my own Indian culture and now I am inspired to actually do it!” The ability to navigate between different cultures provides unique perspectives and allows for expanded career options.
 “I was blown away,” Kira ’22 said, “that Mr. Landry was a newscaster, let alone a teacher, announcer, and actor for commercials. It was fascinating to hear what it is like to be a bilingual newscaster.”
Until it is safe to travel again, our class is finding