Priory in the City Conducts Virtual Career Trips
Anela Akana

When classes went online, Marcie Herring, Priory in the City teacher had to find a way to preserve the essence of networking and mentoring for students. Thankfully, our St. Andrew’s Schools ʻohana answered the call by providing virtual career trips and opportunities to learn valuable professional skills. Students took virtual career trips to Ashford+Wriston to learn about management, Layout Etc., Inc. to learn about entrepreneurship, and to Spirent Communications to learn about engineering.

Spirent Communications

Priory dad, Cliff Cordeiro, and colleagues gave juniors a virtual tour of Spirent Communications because students were interested in engineering and computer science. After the career trip, Spirent Communications shared they were, “impressed with the girls.” Reflecting on the Spirent Communications experience, Robin Buchthal '21 said, “I want to pursue a STEM occupation in the future and was considering trying engineering. I wasn't quite sure what the classes were that you had to take but based on the answers, I seem to be on the right track. I have and will be taking a math and science course all through my high school career. It was very interesting to learn more about this type of engineering.” 

Hevani Malohi '21 was very grateful for the experience and had a lot of takeaways from the experience. She said, “I appreciate all of the experiences you have shared. I learned that there are less women who are engineers in Spirent and being a hardware architect, you receive the marketing requirements and design a model from the bottom up to meet the desired feature set. One thing I will apply is to never underestimate one's work qualities and personalities before meeting and working with them. Another thing I would apply is thinking outside of the box and being able to work together to complete tasks.”

Layout Etc., Inc.

Hanan Katz, also a Priory dad, gave students a virtual tour of Layout Etc, Inc. because students were interested in entrepreneurship. Following the tour, Amanda Lee '21said, “I appreciated being able to hear your story of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I learned that a major factor of having a good reputation is through word of mouth. You have inspired me to always try to push myself to be better regardless of if it's already acceptable.”


Finally, Prep dad, Kevin Herring gave students a virtual tour of Ashford+Wriston because students were interested in management. After the tour, Ayla Ruiz '21 said, “One thing I learned on this career trip is that things don't always go the way we think they will. That's what life is about and there will be challenges throughout life, but we can take these challenges, learn and grow from them. I appreciated when you were vulnerable about the challenging situations you have been in with the people you work with. That caused me to understand that there are always challenging situations you'll have to face. I will definitely apply this to my life because I can always use a reminder that nothing is ever promised but if it's something you really are determined to do then it will most likely end up in your favor.”


With the challenges of these unprecedented times and the need to stay at home, Priory in the City has found creative ways to adapt and provide meaningful opportunities for students. "Mahalo to our St. Andrew’s Schools ʻohana for supporting virtual networking and mentoring. We honor social distancing and continue the spirit of Priory in the City by safely staying six-feet…together," said Herring.