Priory Student, Kuʻulei Rudolph Wins Hawaiian Language Award
Anela Akana

The International Peace Poem Project recently congratulated the winners for the 21st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Poetry Contest. Among them, was Priory junior, Kuʻulei Rudolph, who won first place for the Hawaiian Language Award. This was the first year that The Priory has won in this category.

The contest began in 2000 as a way to spread the understanding of the need for peace in the world as seen in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ideals. Also, to honor the peace principles and values that played a big role in Hawaiian culture, Hawaiʻi students were encouraged to submit poems to the contest. Poems entered could be of any length and in metered rhyme or free verse and any poem written in Hawaiian with an English translation would be eligible for the Hawaiian Language Peace Poetry Prize. First and second place winners are chosen from each participating classroom.

First-place winners from each classroom attend an awards ceremony where they read their poems and receive an honorary certificate and a prize from the International Peace Poem Project. All first-place winners are automatically under consideration for the Golden Circle (12 outstanding Oʻahu poems) and the Grand Prize. Second place winners attend another ceremony to receive merit certificates and a prize as well from the International Peace Poem Project.

Other Priory students joined Rudolph in winning top spots of the contest:

Winners from 11th Grade

1st Place: Ashlyn Kim

Honors American Literature

2nd Place: Rebecca Matheis

American Literature

Winners from 12th Grade:

1st Place: Hailey Gasmen

British & World Literature

2nd Place: Marcy Tokunaga

British & World Literature


Priory English teacher, Stephanie Hudson, works with her students every year to enter their contests such as this. "I am so proud of my student writers; they connected out into the world," said Hudson.

Read the winning poems here.