Sandwiches of Aloha
Elizabeth McDonnell

National Sandwich Day (NSD) has become a social media sensation, as well as a sandwich shop freebie day. Although the day is often celebrated by eating a sandwich oneself, the boys in second grade celebrated NSD by making sandwiches for others.

The holiday is observed on November 3 – the birthday of John Montagu a.k.a Earl of Sandwich. Montagu was a profligate and gambler who claimed to have invented the sandwich in 1762 so that he would not have to leave his gaming table in order to eat dinner. Today in the US more than 300 million sandwiches are consumed each year. The most popular? Peanut butter and jelly.

On NSD, eight Prep second graders made thirty-three sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly and turkey) to feed local homeless people in our downtown community while spreading aloha. One student remarked, “This was the best day because I know I am helping someone eat dinner today.”

In chapel this month, the Lower School students have been talking about being good saints and showing kindness and love to all of those around us – a message that brought their good deed full circle. “My boys learned the importance of love and giving to those in need,” said second grade teacher Mr. Rickman.

After the sandwiches were made, Rickman masked up and distributed the tasty sandwiches to homeless around the downtown area. “I wish the boys could have seen the smiles and hear the words of thanks from the homeless aunties and uncles. They were so grateful to hear that the keiki made them sandwiches of love! Many loved the rainbow and star stickers the boys decorated the lunch bags with.”

Rickman got the idea to help after seeing many homeless in the downtown area who were hungry. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeless shelters aren’t allowing volunteers to help make and distribute food, an activity Rickman and other students in The Priory and The Prep often do. He decided to help while teaching an important lesson.

“Queen Emma would have wanted it to be done,” Rickman concluded, “so I try to help instill that love of giving to the children I teach.”