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Student Co-Authors Article, "Revive Hawai'i: Shop Small, Shop Local"
St. Andrew's Schools
The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders (CTL) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and empower the young leaders of Hawaiʻi. Kira Stoetzer ’22 is a Fellow in the program which brings together about 20 junior and seniors from private and public schools in Hawaiʻi to cultivate people of character, strong critical thinkers, competent leaders, courageous change-makers, and the caretakers of our islands and community.
In addition to the core curriculum of the program, she has also been part of the Small Business Recovery group to implement a project into the community that benefits small businesses. Through CTL, Stoetzer and Brooke Carias ’22 from Punahou School were asked to write an article about the research they had done on small businesses in Hawaiʻi, their partnership with Shop Small Hawaiʻi, and the government’s roles and current policies – and include a call to action for the community. Their article, “Revive Hawaʻi: Shop Small, Shop Local,” was published in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on March 7, 2021 and can also be found in the Raise Your Hand column on CTL’s website.
Stoetzer said, “My hope is that through our project, which is a series of features that include small businesses and student-run businesses, and the article that was recently published, we can connect our community and increase the revenue for small businesses.”

Read Stoetzer's article here. 

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