Summer School Collaboration with Arizona State University's Prep Digital (ASUPD)
Anela Akana

Summer is right around the corner, and St. Andrew's Schools Extended Learning has something new to offer both public and private school students. Students throughout the state of Hawaiʻi entering grades 9-12 can enroll now in iPriory online courses through the SAS Extended Learning Summer Program. High school credits may be earned through SAS and Arizona State University Prep Digital (ASUPD); these online courses are taught by high school faculty. Collegiate courses are delivered online by ASU professors. College credits can be used to begin a student’s college transcript and, depending upon the high school the student currently attends, may be applied toward the student’s high school transcript.

Once this partnership was established, St. Andrew’s implemented a pilot program whereby 3 Priory high school students took ASUPD classes as part of their coursework during the Spring 2020 semester. One junior student took an online high school economics course through Arizona State University's Prep Digital (ASUPD) program and two seniors took online college courses. Anajali Cash, senior at The Priory, took a course entitled, "Modern Social Problems," a social sciences college class that focused on modern-day problems in American society. At the end of the course, she expressed that she enjoyed the discussions that took place and even the assignments. "One assignment that stood out was one where the class had to identify one aspect of popular culture today and explain how it's reflected in modern issues in society," she said. 

Registration opened on May 1, 2020, and has already gotten a lot of interest. The schedule for high school and college course offerings is outlined below.

iPriory @ St. Andrew’s Schools Online High School Courses
June 8–July 17, 2020
iPriory @ Arizona State University Prep Digital (ASUPD) - High School Courses
Session 1: June 1–26 (Enrollment deadline is Friday, May 22)
Session 2: July 6–31 (Enrollment deadline is Friday, June 26)
iPriory @ Arizona State University Prep Digital (ASUPD) - College Courses
Session A*: May 18–June 26 (Enrollment deadline is Friday, May 8)
Session B*: July 1–August 11 (Enrollment deadline is Monday, June 22)
Session C: May 18–July 10 (Enrollment deadline is Friday, May 8)

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