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The Prep Has a New Media Club
Anela Akana
The Prep has a new club, the iMovie Club thanks to sixth grader Chip Watts. The idea for the iMovie Club came four months ago while Watts was working on the “Pulse of the Prep,” a video newscast produced by The Prep Student Council. Technology teacher Peng Ratchaworapong (who is the club’s advisor), has been working with Watts on the technical skills needed for the newscast and the idea grew from there. “It really started off with Chip's enthusiasm to learn,” said Ratchaworapong. “He’s been coming to the Tech room during lunch and together we learned how to shoot videos. I told him that the best way to learn is to teach others and here we are!”
The club will explore features in iMovie and learn how to shoot videos, import, edit, use a green screen, and sync video and audio.
“I wanted to create a club that will help students learn technical skills that will help them in school and extracurricular activities,” Watts said. “We also want students to have lots of fun and learn what technology can do.”
Information about the new club was distributed by Prep teachers in grades 4-6 and Watts received a good amount of interest. Nine students attended the club’s first meeting, which was held this week. At the meeting, the students decide to make a movie and divided into 3 teams: editors, actors, and directors. 
“Chip has demonstrated not only the technical knowledge about technologies but also his leadership skills. I couldn’t be prouder,” said Ratchaworapong.
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