Upper School Students Create Charter
Anela Akana

Charters at St. Andrew’s Schools are used by each grade level to document how students want to feel at school and how to accomplish that. Last week, The Priory Upper School students created their grade level charters during assembly period. Each grade had prepared for the assembly by discussing their charter as a class, under the guidance of their advisors.

Mara Garcia, Director of Wellness at St. Andrew’s Schools, explains that the charter is an anchor tool within the school’s partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence RULER program. The charter provides students an opportunity to develop class guidelines for how students want to feel, what they will do to help to create an environment that allows for those feelings, and how the class will hold one another accountable when a mistake is made.

“As we prepare to welcome Upper School students back to campus, we are cognizant of the complexity of this decision and the wide range of emotions that it can bring up for all members of our community,” said Garcia. “This assembly served as one of many efforts to continue to build community (as we always would at the start of a school year), name some of the possible uncertainty that may be felt at this time, and provide strategies for managing a wide range of stressors that may come up as we make this transition.”

To view the slide deck from this assembly, click here.