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Ascension Day 2020 Recap
Megan Dung
The Mary K. Hart Robinson Courtyard was filled with a renewed sense of hope and life as the Class of 2021 experienced an Ascension Day like no other. As the event was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020, the long-awaited ceremony was an especially emotional celebration of a beloved tradition. The program included speeches by student leaders, class songs, chants, and addresses by Head of School Dr. Ruth R. Fletcher and Chaplain Heather Patton-Graham.
Members of the Class of 2021 shared the meaning behind their Coral Cross design. Their beautiful words described their journey to Ascension Day:

“What we are celebrating today is different from our Ascension Day tradition in the past years. We are here to celebrate new beginnings. Queen Emma’s strength of spirit and her perseverance during times of uncertainty led to the founding of our beautiful school. Our class has demonstrated the same strength and courage. The Class of 2021 proves that during times of uncertainty, anything is possible.”

“The design of this year’s cross is a butterfly. Our butterfly represents hope, perseverance, and change in today’s world. The main message that we want to leave behind is, ‘Never give up.’ The butterfly is proof that beautiful things can emerge from things that are falling apart. Just like the caterpillar, we will leave our chrysalises of change and the world we live in today and become stronger versions of ourselves as we spread our wings to fly to a better tomorrow. When you see a butterfly, it is a reminder to embrace the changes that are to come in your life. Everything happens for a reason, and it’s up to us to make the best of it. We will always strive for the highest and spread our wings and fly, no matter where life takes us.”

After the blessing of the Cross by Chaplain Heather Patton-Graham, the Class of 2021 released live monarch butterflies into the air to commemorate and honor their Coral Cross design. Many of the butterflies lingered throughout the rest of the ceremony, reminding those watching both in-person and online of how the Class of 2021 has continuously proven to kūlia i ka nuʻu in everything they do.

To bring the ceremony to a close, the Seniors shared a recording of them singing their chosen class song, “Grow as We Go” composed by Ben Platt. The lyrics of the song brought tears to many, as the girls reminisced about their time at the Priory and their time as a class.

“I don't know who we'll become
I can't promise it's not written in the stars
But I believe that when it's done
We're gonna see that it was better
That we grew up together

Tell me you don't wanna leave
'Cause if change is what you need
You can change right next to me
When you're high, I'll take the lows
You can ebb and I can flow
We'll take it slow
And grow as we go…”

With the guidance and support of their teachers and advisors, the Class of 2021 persevered and successfully celebrated the St. Andrew’s tradition of Ascension Day.*

*Due to safety measures and protocols put into place by the school for the health and safety of the students, faculty, and staff, any outside visitors, including parents, are not currently allowed on campus grounds. In order to allow parents to experience this special day with their daughters, they stood on the outskirts of campus and watched the girls from a distance. Several faculty and staff members were present to support the students.

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