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CAMP MOKULEI'A - Call for Summer Counselors!
Megan Dung

Are you a recent high school graduate or know of one who might be looking for a summer job? Check out this exciting opportunity with Camp Mokuleiʻa. For more information, contact James Williams at or 808-637-2641.
Job Description: 
As a cabin counselor, you will be responsible for the overall health, wellness, spiritual development, and safety of a group of campers throughout a 5 week, full time, around the clock schedule this summer. You will live in a cabin with youth, establishing a safe and positive cabin community each session with different youth. This position involves youth from first grade through high school. Counselors will move through a regular camp day in a “cohort model,” care-taking a group of youth (between 6-12 campers), and curating programming at specific times throughout a day. Counselors will aid in facilitating all camp activities that involve their youth such as big group activities (limited due to COVID-19), spiritual devotions, and special outings such as hikes and more. Lastly, counselors will actively work to deepen campers' understanding of the Christian Community and God’s love in action.
  •  Live and play alongside youth; the primary duty of a camp counselor is to model the life you wish others to embody, and to invite participation through enthusiasm. 
  • Create and maintain a cabin body, establishing rules and norms to allow for an open, loving, spiritually rich living space for campers. This includes using allotted “cabin time” and planning group-specific activities for your youth.
  • Maintain a constant safe environment for campers through upholding rules, following camp procedures and being constantly vigilant.
  • Assist in all programming that may be led by other leadership; this may include activities such as ropes courses, waterfront activities, big group activities, and more. 
  • The job of a camp counselor is extremely dynamic and changes from day to day,  and so an open and flexible applicant is needed. The job is extremely gratifying, fun, and enriching.
  • Applicants should be between 18-25 years of age, with one year of college or post high school engagement highly recommended
  • Must love kids and the light they bring!
  • Must be able and willing to commit to taking all necessary COVID precautions as the situation changes to ensure the safety of our campers, including limiting contact to large groups.
  • The Episcopal Church firmly understands that all people, counselors and youth included, are made in the imago dei, or image of God.
  • Must be religious/spiritually inclined and ready to foster growth in a Christian setting, as well as willing to learn about the Episcopal Church.
  • Must be able to work consecutive days outside, facilitating group activities while in the heat. Some activities will require physical endurance (hiking, service work, games, etc)
  • $2,000 stipend
  • Complete room and board for summer
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